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Club Sports Deserve More Recognition, Institutional Support

Editorial Board

February 22, 2019

One of the most exciting moments in Oberlin athletics last year was when both of the College’s ultimate Frisbee teams, the Flying Horsecows and the Preying Manti, qualified for the national Frisbee tournament. Their success allowed for some rare glimpses of school spirit as the campus came together to support both squads — in a way it rarely does around Oberlin’s varsity teams. This celebration was a reminder of the ways club sports can build community, even though they receive a fraction of the institutional support that varsity teams do. While that discrepancy is at least partially due to the inherent DIY nature of club sports, which many club athletes and supporters value, it can hinder the ability of club...

From the Locker Room to the Copy Room

Ify Ezimora, Sports Editor

September 7, 2018

Competing as a track athlete for the past eight years has heavily shaped both the way I navigate the space around me and way others regard me. Coming from a public California high school of more than 2,700 students, participating in athletics as either a competitor or spectator was a communal activity. People showed up at games and community members made the drive to support their classmates, friends, and loved ones in competition. Athletes on campus were not only committed to being students and high academic achievers, but also to their teams, winning accolades for their high school, and sacrificing more than 15 hours a week for their team. Several-hour car rides to meets, long and difficult practices...

Forum Mediates Sports Dialogue

Julie Schreiber, Sports Editor

October 27, 2017

Oberlin’s second installment of a workshop series sponsored by the StudiOC Sports, Culture, and Society course cluster took place Monday, in an attempt to advance the ongoing conversation about the social gap between athletes and non-athletes that divides the campus. Monday’s workshop, entitled “Hate Sports? We Want to Hear About It” and organized by English Professor Yago Colás, aimed to build off the foundation laid by the first workshop, which took place Sept. 25. Between this week’s and September’s workshops, the panel format changed. While last month’s workshop featured a panel discussion of four Oberlin varsity coaches — facilitated by Colás himself — Monday’s workshop was instead designed t...

Integration of Athletics, Academics Benefits Community

Lilah Drafts-Johnson, Contributing Writer

September 8, 2017

After seeing yet another Facebook comment thread feud between student-athletes and non-student-athletes this summer, I felt that it might be prudent for me to take the conversation to a more productive space. The dispute was the same as it always seems to be: student-athletes were frustrated by the stereotypes placed upon them, while non-student-athletes were frustrated by the space taken up by student-athletes at Oberlin and the adverse side-effects that sports culture often perpetuates. As I enter my fourth year of collegiate track and field, I am well aware of the various issues with athletics on our campus. However, the apathetic and dismissive stances that many Obies take toward sport, both on our campus...

Sports Budgets Should Address Women’s Disadvantages

Sami Mericle, Production Editor

February 26, 2016

While reading two Review articles regarding the College’s failure to create a women and trans hour in Philips gym, I was faced with another instance of gender inequality within the realm of athletics at Oberlin. These articles (“Women, Trans, Non-Binary Gym Hour Cancelled” and “Gaining Accessibility: Weight Room Causes Anxiety for Many,” Feb. 19, 2016) refer to the sexism that women experience in the gym, and as a member of the Oberlin College softball team I can attest that these inequalities extend beyond the weight room and into athletics at Oberlin and Division III as a whole. I should begin by saying that I love being a female athlete at Oberlin. For the most part, I feel entirely supported by the coach...

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