The Oberlin Review

Ainu musician Oki Kano performs on tonkori to a packed Fairchild Chapel. Kano, along with ethnomusicologist Nate Renner, came to
Oberlin this week for performances and lectures about indigenous music.

Performance Highlights Identity, History of Indigenous Musicians

October 27, 2017

Oki Kano, professionally known as OKI, began singing before the applause died down from the packed audience in Fairchild Chapel. The Ainu performer, along with protegé and friend Nate Renner, came to Oberlin as part of The Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment grant that the College recently received. The two musicians participated in an informal chat at Cowhaus Creamery on Monday, performed their music in Fairchild on Tuesday, and gave a lecture at the Adam Joseph Lewis Center on Wed...

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