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Oberlin Portal Visits San Marcos

Oberlin Portal Visits San Marcos

September 21, 2018

College sophomore Sarah Goodstein video chats with students from a Portal at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. The Portal is currently operated by Texas State Galleries, an on-campus gallery within the university’s School of Art and Design. The discussion centered around innovative art methods and mediums.

Brief: Portal Connects Oberlin Students in Dialogue

Sydney Allen, Editor-in-Chief

September 7, 2018

Passersby might have noticed an anomaly in Wilder Bowl yesterday, as a large gold shipping container took residence in the field outside DeCafé with little explanation. Thus, we welcome Oberlin’s very own Portal system, which will be based in Wilder from Sept. 6 to Nov. 10. The Portal, which was coordinated through Oberlin’s CIT department, is an interactive audiovisual room where students, faculty, and staff can video chat with people from around the world. The College is renting the Portal from the art, design, and technology collective Shared Studios and obtained the funding for the initiative through a grant. “The Oberlin College community is invited to use the Portal to engage with individuals in other Po...

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