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Final Pipeline Vote Rejects NEXUS Settlement

Final Pipeline Vote Rejects NEXUS Settlement

March 9, 2018

Oberlin City Council voted unanimously to reject a proposed settlement with NEXUS Gas Transmission Monday night. The council was previously split on accepting a deal with NEXUS, voting 4–3 for the deal at the previous meeting on Feb. 20. The meeting contrasted with earlier hearings on the settlement. At the Feb. 20 meeting, students both picketed and directly addressed members of council, but on Monday those in attendance were silent and reserved. Students held signs and provided emotional te...

New Class of Members Elected to Student Senate

New Class of Members Elected to Student Senate

February 23, 2018

As five new student senators begin their terms, the Review reached out to learn a little more about them. Although the new legislative class is dominated by first-years from the College, it also includes sophomore and junior representatives, as well as a new senator from the Conservatory. Johan Cavert, College sophomore Why did you run? I was inspired by Senate’s recent initiatives and hoped to assist their trajectory toward becoming a respected body that effectively communicates student desi...

Senate Survey Reveals Student Dissatisfaction

Roman Broszkowski, News Editor

February 16, 2018

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After receiving over 1,100 responses to their fall 2017 survey on student satisfaction at Oberlin, Student Senate has found that students are dissatisfied with current campus resources and services, but are invested in seeking improvements. Senate’s survey covered a range of issues on student life, including retention, the Office of Disability Resources, housing, the quality of Senate’s work, campus climate, and the Student Finance Committee. The survey found that close to 49 percent of students had either previously or recently considered leaving Oberlin. A minority of students also voiced significant support for improvements to the ODR, but were split almost evenly about where the office should be located. 40 perc...

Wilder Hall Renovation Begins, Citing Student Surveys

Wilder Hall Renovation Begins, Citing Student Surveys

February 9, 2018

Students returning to campus this week have been greeted with a revamped Wilder Hall lobby, which will undergo further changes as renovations continue. The lobby was enlarged and, according to a letter sent out by President Carmen Ambar and Student Senator and College junior Kameron Dunbar, “This area will be fitted with a new TV, speakers, and other entertainment options that will allow open music and entertainment streaming.” Additionally, a competition will be held to select some new icon...

American Jews Must Confront Trump’s Bigotry

Roman Broszkowski, Contributing Writer

November 18, 2016

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There’s a saying that three Jews have four opinions. If that’s true, then one is that Donald Trump and his tiny hands are worthy of the presidency. Although Jews overwhelmingly rejected Trump’s message of hate on Nov. 8, one in four did not, according to exit polling. Nearly a quarter of our community voted for someone who spewed racism, called for violence, used anti-Semitic imagery and preached xenophobia. This article isn’t about why that happened; it’s about what we, as Jews, will do in our communities over the next four years. Jews are often ignored as a demographic that has much to lose from a Trump presidency. While it is obvious that Trump is racist, misogynistic, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant, he ...

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