The Oberlin Review

Diwali: A Photo Essay

Kushagra Kar, Production Editor

November 15, 2019

Living thousands of kilometers away from family, the food you’re familiar with, and the language you’re used to– everything can be just slightly overwhelming. The part that is most difficult though, is missing all the traditional holidays that you’ve experienced for years and have always taken for granted. So when Diwali came to Oberlin last Friday, South Asians dressed in their salwars and kurtas and gathered in Shansi House. In Hindu mythology, Diwali marks the day that Lord Rama returned to his kingdom of Ayodhya after 14 years in exile, culminating in a war against the 10-headed Ravana. Today, we celebrate the occasion with fireworks, food, and family festivities, sparing no expense in mak...

Shansi Grant Recipient Maps Asia in Sound

Kelsey Scult

April 5, 2013

“My one regret is that I didn’t get to record the toilet flushing,” College sophomore Teresa Tippens shared during her April 3 talk titled “Sonic Photographs of Japan.” A Musical Studies major with a concentration in Sound Design and Technology, Tippens traveled to Kyoto, Japan this past Winter Term upon receiving one of the five In-Asia Study Grants that Oberlin Shansi awards each year. She received the grant to pursue her project of recording “sonic photographs,” compositions of recorded sounds that encapsulate the sonic atmosphere of an environment. During her presentation, Tippens recounted the political and cultural implications of the sounds she encountered on her trip. She believes that Americans...

Eight Seniors Receive Shansi Grants

Carmelita Rosner, Staff Writer

April 15, 2011

Following graduation this May, Oberlin seniors Claire McGregor, Joseph Campbell, Skylar Sweetman, Jazmin Guerrero, Zoe McLaughlin, Sara Kadi, Peter Edmondson and Matthew Furda will each be spending two years in Asia as the most recent batch of Shansi fellows. Shansi gave these Fellowship recipients the opportunity to become immersed in India, Indonesia, Japan or China’s culture while studying and teaching at affiliated universities. Shansi was founded in 1908, placing it amongst the nation’s oldest educational exchange programs. Though the organization is located on campus, it has partner institutions in multiple universities in China, India, Japan and Indonesia. The Oberlin Shansi Fellowships are the independent...

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