The Oberlin Review

Acrobatic Conundrum Soars OCircus! to New Heights

Teague Harvey

November 9, 2018

In 2004, Terry Crane graduated from Oberlin College with a Dance and Environmental Studies major. The following year, he auditioned at École nationale de cirque in Montreal — which is arguably the most famous circus school in the world. He went on to lead a very successful solo aerial rope career, touring with various circuses around Europe, before settling back home in Seattle to found his own circus company, Acrobatic Conundrum. In 2007–2008, after Terry had graduated, OCircus! was founded by an adventurous group of students, and soon Oberlin became known for the club. In the past week alone, I’ve been put in touch with two prospies who wanted to talk about it. Even though OCircus! came after Terry’s...

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