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Student Representation Essential, Not Radical

Thobeka Mnisi, Contributing Writer

October 6, 2017

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This article is part of the Review’s Student Senate column. In an effort to increase communication and transparency, Student Senators will provide personal perspectives on recent events on campus and in the community. If you Google “How Oberlin Works,” the unfortunately dated but still highly informative site that explains Oberlin’s governmental structure, you’ll learn that the Board of Trustees is the primary and only legally authorized governing body of Oberlin College. Quite simply, the board is responsible for the College’s longevity and wellness. For practicality and in the spirit of shared governance, the board then delegates responsibility to the administration via the President, and to the facul...

SPIDIE Issues Recommendations on School Diversity

Louis Krauss, News editor

April 7, 2017

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Looking to revamp the College’s policies on diversity requirements, the Strategic Plan Implementation Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, or SPIDIE, will present its recommendations to general faculty for approval Wednesday. The hope is that administrators will begin discussing the recommendations if general faculty groups respond positively at Wednesday’s meeting, but SPIDIE members remain unsure if that will happen. This early draft of recommendations outlines, in broad terms, how the school can increase compositional diversity in the student body and faculty in upcoming years, as well as how to better support marginalized groups on campus. Some significant changes proposed include hiring a chief diversit...

Student Senate Selects Task-Force Representatives

Student Senate Selects Task-Force Representatives

March 31, 2017

Student Senate chose junior student senators Thobeka Mnisi and Josh Koller to join a five-member taskforce to investigate the merits of adding a student representative to the Board of Trustees. The task force will also include three board members, currently unnamed, and could begin meeting as early as next week. Mnisi and Koller will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of having a student on the board, hoping to convince trustees of its importance. By the end of the semester, the task force will...

Senate Calls for Student-Rep Task Force

Senate Calls for Student-Rep Task Force

March 3, 2017

Upon entering the Wright Laboratory of Physics hallway, trustees appeared stunned at the sight of over 150 students silently protesting the Board of Trustees’ initial rejection of Student Senate’s request for student representation on the board. Most trustees declined to comment upon entering the meeting with Student Senate last night, but many other administrators and staff in attendance said they were impressed with the protest organized by Students Building Community Power — a recently...

Student Senate Pivots in Favor of Activism

Student Senate Pivots in Favor of Activism

February 17, 2017

As a group of newly elected representatives settle in, Student Senate is increasingly embracing its institutional influence and activist sentiments — a shift from just a few years ago when student interest and participation in Senate was at a low. Last week’s Senate election brought 25 students to the spotlight as they jockeyed and campaigned for one of the eight open seats on the 15-person Senate. Engaging in student activism was a common theme across the board. At Sunday evening's plenary...

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