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300-Meal Plan Scams First-Years Out of Tuition, Meals

Ilana Foggle, Contributing Writer

March 2, 2018

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On April 21, 2017, I came to “All Roads Lead to Oberlin” after putting down my deposit for Oberlin a week earlier. I wanted to meet fellow incoming Obies, learn more about my home for the next four years, and convince my dad that, contrary to popular belief, going to Oberlin would not make me turn into an elitist hipster. After an early morning flight, my dad and I trudged onto campus. I was wide-eyed, excited, and eager to commence the next chapter of my life. We started the day with a speech from Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Tim Elgren. He talked about his hopes and dreams for our incoming class and what made Oberlin so unique. In the middle of his speech, at least a dozen Oberlin students barged throug...

College Launches New Buyout Directed Toward Faculty

Gabby Greene

November 10, 2017

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The College sent a memo to all faculty members announcing the launch of a new buyout last Tuesday. Unlike the 2016 program — the Voluntary Separation Incentive Package, which was directed at all College employees — the incoming buyout is only open to faculty. The new VSIP means that the College will offer lump-sum payments to fully tenured faculty in return for their voluntary departure. While Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Tim Elgren does not know how many faculty will accept the buyout or how much money the buyout will save, he believes it will not only save the school money, but will also have a larger success rate than the 2016 VSIP. “Restructuring it in a way that makes sense for faculty,...

Course Catalog Unveils Cluster Plans

Course Catalog Unveils Cluster Plans

April 14, 2017

Though many of the course clusters slated for next school year are not currently available in the course catalog, they will still launch this fall. Despite the hiccup in the “soft opening” of the program, as described by Associate Dean of the Curriculum David Kamitsuka, the program will kick off in the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center's StudiOC classrooms this September. The courses will incorporate professors across disciplines from both the College and Conservatory in an effort to “encourage in...

OCOPE Files Unfair Labor Practices Complaint

OCOPE Files Unfair Labor Practices Complaint

March 10, 2017

Oberlin College Offices and Profession Employees filed a charge of unfair labor practices against the College with the National Labor Relations Board Feb. 21, specifying that the College failed to abide by its collective bargaining contract with the union. The charge specifically refers to the College’s refusal to release information relating to OCOPE’s employees and their job descriptions, information necessary for the union’s ability to advocate for its members, according to OCOPE President Tr...

Student Feedback Crucial for Change

Tim Elgren, Andrea Kalyn, Meredith Raimondo

October 7, 2016

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To the Editors: At a time when higher education faces significant pressure to make good on its promises of equity and inclusion, and in light of debates on our own campus about the impact of discrimination and bigotry — including anti-Black racism and anti-Semitism — we ask that all members of the Oberlin community contribute to institutional change by sharing any information about experiences of bias in our educational environment. Oberlin is committed to addressing any discrimination and bigotry on campus, using processes designed to protect the rights of affected individuals and the intellectual integrity of the academic program. We encourage individuals who may have questions or be concerned with participatin...

Course Clusters Program to Begin Next Fall

Course Clusters Program to Begin Next Fall

September 23, 2016

The College plans to incorporate a new concept of course clusters next fall that will allow students to register for a new kind of multidisciplinary courseload. The extension of the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center along the north side of The Hotel at Oberlin, which remains under construction, will host the classes. The administration has tentatively named the building “Oberlin Center for Convergence” or “StudiOC.” “It’s targeted especially for the earlier [ first and second] years … ...

GSFS Majors Push for Permanent Faculty 

Oliver Bok, News Editor

November 13, 2015

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While Oberlin may have been one of the first schools to admit women, the College is the last among its peer schools to go without a full Gender Studies program — a fact that a recent student petition seeks to change. Four hundred and forty-six students signed a petition calling on the College to create an introductory course for the Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies program and hire a permanent faculty member trained in GSFS to teach it. A group of GSFS majors drafted the petition that the majors printed on Oct. 26. “I really think it’s a problem with wanting to say, ‘We’re the first coed school’ and saying all these great things about how progressive and feminist we are as a school, but then j...

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