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College senior Lilah Drafts-Johnson, well-known across campus for her accomplishments on the track, hopes to return to Chile after she graduates to conduct research with the Ministry of Sport.

In The Locker Room with Lilah Drafts-Johnson, All-American Hurdler

February 16, 2018

College senior Lilah Drafts-Johnson is a two-time All-American and was the NCAC Indoor and Outdoor Sprints/Hurdle Athlete of the Year as a junior. Drafts-Johnson does more than just dominate on the track; she plays music, teaches Spanish, and looks for ways to bring the female athlete community together, as well as decreasing the athlete/non-athlete divide. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Last Sunday you helped put together an event called “Stronger Together,” the first of...

Hannah Christiansen (left) and Katie Skayhan,
athletes in the Conservatory

In the Locker Room With Hannah Christiansen and Katie Skayhan

September 12, 2014

This week, the Review sat down with Conservatory student-athletes Hannah Christiansen, fifth-year lacrosse and field hockey player, and Katie Skayhan, senior track and field member, to discuss how they manage their busy schedules, what they use their lockers for and the similarities between playing sports and music. What instrument do you play in the Conservatory? Hannah Christiansen: I study violin. Katie Skayhan: I am a singer, so I play my body. [Laughs] I’m a soprano, the highest voice t...

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