The Oberlin Review

An Obie Recommends: Walking on Your Own

Kate Fishman, Arts & Culture Editor

September 20, 2019

When we lived in the same building during our first year at Oberlin, a friend and I developed an odd, only semi-spoken rule. We would purposefully leave at different times for a mutual destination. I remember more than once noticing her backpack ahead and deliberately slowing my pace to allow her solitude. It wasn’t that we didn’t enjoy each other’s conversation; we just shared the pleasure of walking alone.  It follows that when I picture Oberlin, I don’t think of my dorm room or a favorite study haunt or even the best parties I’ve been to — I see Tappan Square. Most of the pieces of my life, and the lives of other students, faculty, staff, and residents, seem to be arrayed around this stretch of lawn ...

Subconscious Emotions Reflected in Gait

CJ Blair, Columnist

April 10, 2015

The single most difficult task for people is trying to figure out what someone else is thinking. If, in our everyday lives, we vocalized every thought we had, society wouldn’t be able to function. So much of what we say is implicit, and for that reason, we have to look at subtext and non-verbal cues to understand what people are actually feeling. There are far too many of these signs to discuss at one time, but one of the most obvious ones is something that is often overlooked yet immensely telling of a person’s mindset: the way they walk. They way that people carry themselves is one of the few instances where internal emotions are physically expressed in a way that is often completely unintentional. In the majority...

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