The Oberlin Review

College senior Jessica Lam descends from above College sophomore Alana Reibstein, College junior Lillian White, College senior Jesse Wiener, College freshman Natalia Shevin and College senior Toby Irving during College senior Hayley Larson’s section of the Senior Dance Concert. The concert comprised Larson’s and fellow College senior Juliana Garber’s final projects in the Dance department.

Thrilling Performances and Choreography Elevate Senior Dance Concert

February 28, 2014

The Senior Dance Concert this past Friday and Saturday in Warner Main was an absorbing representation of Oberlin’s Dance Department. Featuring choreography by two senior Dance majors, the show was a creative production that combined elements of partnering, aerial acrobatics and contact improvisation techniques, demonstrating a broad skill base. The Senior Dance Concert was performed on a modified proscenium-style stage, and as with most Oberlin dance shows, the performance was greatly enhanced...

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