Rimbert, Jindra Provide Leadership Experience

To the Editors:

I write in support of both Ronnie Rimbert and Bill Jindra’s bids for Oberlin City Council in this next election. Both men have prior service on the council and have proven themselves to be worthy of reelection.

First, Mr. Rimbert is a fair, respected, and moral gentleman. He has served in the position of President of Council/Mayor for the City of Oberlin, and his ability to garner peace when conducting meetings before a sometimes hostile audience is remarkable. He has a no-nonsense approach to the business that comes before the council and reaches out to the community to gather input so he can make grounded decisions in sometimes difficult situations.

Secondly, Mr. Jindra served in the same position several years ago. He then went on to be a court bailiff in Oberlin’s Municipal Court. Thus, he brings confidence, fairness, and knowledge as a candidate. Bill has always been prepared, open, and smooth through meetings. He has made himself available and inviting to our citizens.

These two dedicated gentlemen have continually set excellent examples both as citizens and as leaders in our community. Having worked with both over a span of many years, it is my belief that they are superior candidates for Oberlin City Council.

I urge Oberlin to vote for Ronnie Rimbert and Bill Jindra. They have proven themselves in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Both are established winners in their pride, constant devotion, and accountability to this community. Give them the chance they deserve. Thank you.

Jean Foggo Simmon
Retired City Clerk/Clerk of Council