College Owes Christie’s Victims Compensation

Regarding The Boston Globe article about the resignation of Organ Department Chair James David Christie from Oberlin and at the College of the Holy Cross:

As the parent of a gifted organist who studied with David Boe, Jack Mitchener, and others at Oberlin, I had several occasions to interact with Christie; the first when we looked at Holy Cross and he gave us the brush off — I saw and heard from many students that “the great man” was domineering, imperious, and narcissistic — all the qualities of a Harvey Weinstein. The fear and dread he instilled in his students was an open secret and obviously contrary to the tenets of a liberal arts institution like Oberlin. I have NO doubt that everyone knew of this alleged predatory behavior for decades at Oberlin as well as at Holy Cross. Shame on those who have allowed this to perpetuate. For decades!

Since Christie was half the department I should demand that half the tuition ($250K at the time) be returned to our family; instead I demand that sum be set aside for an organ scholarship that doesn’t require sexual submission as well.