CCL Supports Climate Reform

Thank you to Yan Jin for the excellent article on Citizens’ Climate Lobby in the Review last week (“CCL Fights for Climate Change Policies,” Nov. 30, 2018). As noted in the article, CCL’s long-time legislative proposal was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives last week. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is sponsored by three Democrats — Ted Deutch, John Delaney, and Charlie Crist — and two Republicans — Brian Fitzpatrick and Francis Rooney. It will put a steadily rising fee on carbon emissions (paid by fossil fuel companies) and return the net revenue to American households in the form of equal monthly dividends. The policy will reduce carbon emissions in the U.S. by at least 40 percent in 12 years. The dividend functions progressively, boosting the incomes of low-income people while creating a small loss for those with high incomes. The bill therefore has bipartisan support, effectively reduces carbon emissions, and protects low-income people — ideal qualities!

You can read more at I encourage readers to study the bill and ask your members of Congress to support it. You can join the CCL team at The Oberlin chapter of CCL will meet Saturday, Dec. 8 (and every second Saturday of the month) from 1–3 p.m. at the Oberlin Public Library. All are welcome!

John Sabin
Group leader, Oberlin chapter
Assistant Ohio Coordinator
Citizens’ Climate Lobby