Local Convenience Store Mickey Mart Will Open 24/7


Devin Cowan

Mickey Mart, a small convenience store and gas station on South Main Street, recently expanded its hours to 24 hours

Mickey Mart, located at 155 South Main Street, is now open 24 hours a day, making it the only full-time business within reasonable walking distance of Oberlin College. Many students and community members are excited about the extended hours.

Mickey Mart employee Tricia Phillips said that the decision to stay open later was a benefit to business as well as the student population.

“It’s convenient,” she said. “They’re making good money; we’re very happy with it.”

Previously, Walmart was the only 24-hour option anywhere near the College. But for most students, it is only accessible via car, since it is nearly two miles from campus,. This becomes especially true at night, when walking or biking on roads can be dangerous.

“It’s nice to have a place on campus that’s a lot closer than Walmart that can address student needs 24/7,” Conservatory Senior Birsa Chatterjee noted. “With food options already being fairly limited at Oberlin, and late nights being even worse, it’s convenient to have a place where I can run and get some snacks.”

Many students shared Chatterjee’s sentiment. Currently, Agave Burrito Bar & Tequileria and Domino’s Pizza are the popular late-night food choices, open on weekends until 1:30 a.m. and 3 a.m., respectively.

Junior Maryam Ghazala is excited for better access to food to curb hunger while studying. Since DeCafé closes at midnight, Mickey Mart’s extended hours will give students more choices when staying up late doing work. This will be especially welcome during finals when libraries have extended hours.

“I wish [Mickey Mart] was even closer to campus,” Ghazala added. She explained that taking a study break to walk half a mile sometimes isn’t realistic or possible.

Chatterjee also noted that Mickey Mart’s extended hours will increase access to over-the-counter medication and health products. In cases of an emergency, Mickey Mart will be the only location within walking distance of the College that offers these sorts of products.

Some students were less excited about the changes. First-year Ila Astin agreed that it was nice to have the option available, but said she didn’t often go to Mickey Mart, so the changes were unlikely to affect her.

“I eat in a co-op, so our late-night food options are usually the fridge,” she explained.

Mickey Mart offers a variety or products including snacks, beer, cigarettes and other convenience goods.