What Does A Trump Victory Really Mean?

“Trump Has Won A Second Term!” will read the headlines in America and throughout the entire world some time after Nov. 3. If that becomes our world, all Americans should rejoice over the fact Trump won’t task our National Guard, police forces, and, above all, our armed forces to face off against or kill American citizens. Yes, if Trump is elected there might be a challenge in our courts, as there was in 2000 with the eventual election of George W. Bush, but we can be sure that throughout the process, peace will reign everywhere.

Trump’s victory will ensure that the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, will be abolished. The act does have many flaws, but it is perfect compared to nothing. And meanwhile, Congressman Jim Jordan and President Trump have no plan. Both have had almost ten years to think about how to mend Obamacare, and the only response they have found is to end it, not mend it. That is wholly unacceptable for our great country.

Trump’s victory will ensure that Roe v. Wade-established protections will be eliminated, and people who wish to have a safe abortion will be at the mercy of their home states. Trump’s victory will ensure that discussions on LGBTQ+ rights will be set aside.

We cannot take the huge Democratic lead at this juncture for granted; we have to struggle as if we are far behind. If we slack off at all, we do so at our peril, and risk waking up to a reality in which President Trump and the Supreme Court will destroy many of our incredible gains and thwart further progress toward a more just America.

Just because a leader and the courts say something is legal does not necessarily mean that it is morally right. Let us never forget that. We must remain eternally vigilant and eager to work for the world we seek — no matter how demanding the struggle.