Students Create Art in Support of Workers’ Rights

Obies designed posters in support of dining hall employees at the recent Student-Worker Solidarity Art Build. The event, hosted by the Student Labor Action Coalition, was part of last week’s TGIF gathering in Wilder Bowl. 

College third-year and SLAC Treasurer Mira Newman believes that students have unique leverage in the push for workers’ rights on campus. 

“As students, we have a lot of privilege, and the institution cares what we think and what we do,” Newman said. “So our job is to help support unions in any way we can to increase visibility.”

The 80 posters created during the event will be displayed in dining halls around campus.

“It’s so management knows that we are still paying attention to what is going on and watching how they treat workers, and also just general support for the union,” Newman said.

SLAC meetings take place on Sundays from 2–3 p.m. Email [email protected] for more information.