Students Celebrate Halloween with Giant Mechanical Pumpkin Ride

Students got into the Halloween spirit this Wednesday with Program Board’s Get Wilder Halloween night. The event included a giant mechanical pumpkin ride, cookie decorating, a costume contest, and more.

“It’s lovely,” College fourth-year Chris Schmucki said. “It’s everything I expected and more — everything I expected and less, actually.”

The highlight of the evening was the mechanical pumpkin set up in Wilder Hall. Students got in line for a chance to ride the moving pumpkin and many competed to see how long they could stay on as operators increased the speed of the ride.

“I think I lasted like 20 seconds,” Schmucki said. “It’s not about balance. It’s about your hands, ’cause they have this stem, and it really hurts your hands, and I feel like that’s when people give up.”

Many first-years in costumes ranging from devils to cheerleaders attended the event as they prepared to go to their first Halloween Splitchers, which took place immediately following Get Wilder Halloween.

In addition to Oberlin Halloween first-timers, many fourth-years who were not on campus last fall due to the College’s three-semester plan also attended the Program Board’s celebration. Many of these students were excited to experience their first and last Halloween on campus since 2019.

“I always love when we have mechanical things to ride on campus,” said College fourth-year Harper Ross. “That’s super fun. It’s great just to be able to all be together again and wear costumes out. It doesn’t really matter that people have masks. Just seeing that people are all dressed up and able to be together, after the last separated Halloween and not being on campus, this just feels like a really great way, as a fourth-year, to end my Halloween experiences.”