Replanting of 126 Trees Underway

The College has begun the process of planting 126 trees to replace those that were cut down this summer. This is the final step in the first phase of the $140-million Sustainable Infrastructure Program. In June, 97 trees were removed to allow for the construction of underground distribution pipes.

Campus Energy & Resource Manager for the Office of Environmental Sustainability Joel Baetens says that Oberlin consulted an arborist to help select species of trees that would withstand the Ohio elements and beautify Oberlin’s campus over the next several decades.

“We want a diverse selection of trees resistant to climate change, disease, and pests, and that also have structural integrity and complement campus activity,” Baetens said.

Right now, the roster includes the American larch, bigleaf magnolia, hackberry, Kentucky coffeetree, and basswood. The planting of these trees will likely take several weeks but is currently underway.

College fourth-year and TreeCo instructor Max Bauders looks forward to the introduction of the new trees.

“I think replanting trees will relieve the temporary eyesore of not having any planted there,” Bauders said. “I find them extremely soothing and comforting during periods of high stress.”