COVID-19 Update

Ohio Updates

COVID-19 cases are slowly rising again in Ohio. Between April 1 and April 28, the state recorded 20,759 new cases, 585 hospitalizations, and 55 deaths. There has been a daily average of 1,247 cases. Lorain County has reported 808 cases, 17 hospitalizations, and no deaths. More Ohioans are getting vaccinated — 63 percent of residents have received their first dose and 58 percent are fully vaccinated. 

On March 10, the Ohio Department of Health announced that it would end daily reporting of COVID-19 cases and move to weekly reporting every Thursday. On April 15, Governor Mike DeWine tested positive for COVID-19. DeWine experienced mild symptoms and was treated with a monoclonal antibody treatment. 

Moderna announced Thursday that it was seeking emergency authorization for a vaccine for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. There is currently no COVID-19 vaccine available for this age group. If approved by the FDA, 18 million children would become eligible for a vaccine. 

Oberlin College Updates

Between April 10 and April 28, the College administered 950 PCR tests and 170 rapid tests. There were two positive PCR tests, 49 positive rapid tests, and 134 positive self-reported tests. 

On April 21, ObieSafe removed the mask mandate in residence halls. One day later, they reinstated the mask mandate due to a rise in cases following spring break trips and “at least one social event hosted in a student apartment.” Under the revised guidelines, indoor dining is still allowed and student-athletes can practice as a team without masks. 

On April 27, ObieSafe announced that due to “dramatically fewer cases being reported,” it would provide two exemptions from the mask mandates. Conservatory brass and wind instrument players can use performance masks with daily rapid testing, and Theater students can perform maskless, also with daily rapid testing. 

As of April 19, 95.5 percent of students, 97 percent of faculty, and 91.1 percent of staff have received their booster.