In the Locker Room with Matt Huang, Lacrosse Player, Student-Researcher, YeoFit Trainer


Courtesy of Oberlin Athletics

Long stick midfielder and defender Matthew Huang runs on Bailey Field all geared up for a home game.

College fourth-year and defender Matt Huang has been playing lacrosse for 16 years. At Oberlin, he was part of the squad that made it to the North Coast Athletic Conference Tournament semifinals against Denison University. Throughout his four years at Oberlin, Huang has been involved in many activities, including teaching boxing classes for YeoFit, taking piano lessons, and conducting neuroscience research. 

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. 


How long have you played lacrosse? 

I’ve played lacrosse since kindergarten. It wasn’t my favorite sport because I didn’t like the contact at first, but I really grew to love and appreciate the game starting in middle school. Even though I played many other sports growing up, lacrosse always stuck out to me because of its fast pace and physicality.


What is one of your favorite memories from your time on the team? 

One of my favorite memories was going to Los Angeles for our spring break trip during my freshman year. We went to Disneyland, a Dodgers game … it was a really fun time and helped our team grow closer together.


Your team had an amazing season. How did it feel to make it to the semifinals, especially since it’s your last season at Oberlin? 

It was a great feeling to be a part of a team that made history by making the semifinals for the first time. Even though I was on the sidelines for the last couple games because of my ACL injury, it was still so rewarding to see guys stepping up and playing for each other. Playing with such a tight-knit group of friends made our team and individual accomplishments feel so much more meaningful. The progression our team has made since I’ve been here is really tangible, and I’m proud to be part of a class that was able to help push the team onto an upward trajectory.  


How did you become involved with teaching YeoFit classes? 

I have had a passion for boxing and mixed martial arts for a long time. After receiving a USA boxing license, I wanted to be able to share my skills and passion for the sport with others in a more accessible and friendly environment. YeoFit classes were a perfect avenue for this, and it was really fun to be able to teach students of all abilities and experience levels. Boxing is also a skill that can translate to real life scenarios and self-defense situations, so it makes teaching this sport a whole lot more meaningful to me.


What are you involved in outside of athletics? 

I am involved in neuroscience research with Leslie Kwakye OC ’06. Our lab is looking at how different symptomatologies affect multisensory integration and the way we perceive the world. I also work for admissions as a tour guide and an interviewer. Music has also been a big part of my life, so I take piano lessons in the Conservatory as well.


What are your post-Oberlin plans?

After graduation, I am going to move to New York to start a job as a research assistant in a neuroscience laboratory at New York University. I’m planning on doing this for two years and will hopefully attend medical school afterward!