Field Hockey Wins Against Transylvania In Last Non-Conference Game


Courtesy of Suada Duvette and Chase Sortor

Jackie Oh dribbles past Transylvania University in last Sunday’s game.

In 80 minutes of action, the longest game of the season so far, field hockey won in a hard fought shootout against Transylvania University last Sunday. After a goalless double overtime, both teams engaged in strokes for a best of five, with Oberlin winning 3–1.

Oberlin’s defensive players took the stage in the shootout. Third-year Abbie Patchen started off strong with the first stroke attempt, followed by first-year Elly Scheer’s two shots. Ultimately, fourth-year Jackie Oh scored the winning point in what she called an “exhilarating” and “surreal” experience. However, she doesn’t take all the credit. Oh is grateful for the fans and fellow defensive players for keeping her motivated throughout the lengthy game.

“I don’t consider my shootout the game winner because it would not have been possible without the efforts of [fourth-year] Post, Abbie, and Elly,” Oh wrote in an email to the Review. “Post had amazing saves, and Abbie and Elly secured some great shootout goals prior to mine. Because overtime is only 7v7, I had a lot of teammates on the sideline cheering me on and pushing me to be the best player I know I can be.”

Captain and goalkeeper Post played an important role in halting Transylvania’s persistent offense with six saves during the main game. They also blocked three out of four shootout attempts. Like Oh, they remarked that this has been one of the strongest defensive lines in field hockey’s recent history, and working alongside them has been a hallmark of this season so far.

“Jackie, Elly, and Abbie are some of the most talented players I’ve ever worked with,” Post wrote in an email to the Review. “A lot of work on the field comes down to presence, communication, and drive. If we show up to a game wanting it, it’ll project us forward. The defense and I have worked hard to maintain that tone throughout games, even the more challenging ones.”

This marks the second year that field hockey has reigned victorious over Transylvania; last season, Oberlin won their first and only game against the Pioneers. This was the last game against a non-conference team, as Oberlin will begin conference play this Saturday starting with the Allegheny College Gators. Fueled by the two Transylvania wins, Post hopes that the team can finish fifth in the conference and is excited at the prospect of more wins and celebrations to come in their final season.

“Last year when we beat them, it was our only win of the season,” they wrote. “To be not even halfway through the season and beat them and two other teams feels incredibly important. Moreover, there is [an] insatiable drive to win more games, to finish every game feeling like we left it all on the field. … I want to uplift my peers and celebrate the family we’ve helped create and maintain.”