Conservatory Performance at Kendal Was Remarkable

This letter is in response to Nikki Keating’s “Students Self Promote Performances Outside Conservatory,” Sept. 23, 2022

Dear Editor,

As a new resident of Kendal at Oberlin, I was recently privileged to hear a concert by three Oberlin Conservatory students performing both solos and as a trio in the Heiser Auditorium. This experience offered a venue for students to perform before an attentive and receptive audience. What a wonderful way for students to give back after having studied for so many years. The professional and mature presentation was remarkable. Their energy and joy in playing their instruments were very evident, and the quality of music was exceptional. We residents are indeed honored to have this and so many other College performances here on our campus.

It is my hope that other local schools, churches, and other community organizations will reach out, offering new opportunities for these Conservatory students to play before other audiences. These young musicians will not disappoint, benefitting both the musicians and those in the public sector.


Sue Harper