Stepping into Style with Obie Shoes: A Photo Essay

Oberlin is an undeniably stylish place. Through clothing, students visually reflect the vibrant character of the campus. 

Fashion and personal style is not solely expressed through shirts, pants, and outerwear. Arguably, the most important component of one’s outfit is what grounds them: shoes! All across the world, shoe culture takes a number of different forms and styles. Oberlin, a microcosm filled with students from various places, is no different. From sneakers to Chelsea boots to a good old pair of Dr. Martens, Oberlin students wear their personalities on their feet. 

“Statement shoes feel a bit more unique, in a way, than other clothing,” College first-year Eloise Rich said. “[Shoes are] so practical, something that you just can’t leave the house without, and they can also be very fashionable. Still, sometimes I just throw on my Mary Janes and call it a day.”