What Would You Tell Prospective Students About Oberlin?

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Abhisri Nath, College fourth-year 

I feel that as a student, you can really find your niche in the Oberlin community and in college because you can develop that sort of relationship with the professionals here on campus — and with the professors, too. But having said that, I would also say that you should be wise and you should be cognizant of the fact that we are in Oberlin, which is a little away from the city life, hence networking and career trajectories can seem a little different in such a place.

Andreea Procopan, College fourth-year

Because it’s in Ohio, it definitely is a bubble that can sometimes isolate students from real-life issues, which kind of makes you question how the students are here. That same bubble can sometimes make it boring here. There are a lot of events, but if you’re into more urban or city activities or knowing different people, that might be difficult to come by here, since the student body population is also quite small. But for the professors, it’s definitely worth it. That’s what I will say. Favorite, favorite aspect is professors.

Ruby Spencer, College first-year

One thing I wish I’d known before coming here — this is so classic, but party-scene-wise, it’s very limited if you don’t know things. Parties end at like 12:30 a.m. It’s not all-night ragers. It makes sense for the environment, but be warned. It’s not super social at night. 

Katia Chapin, College first-year 

The main thing I would tell a prospective student is that everyone at Oberlin is very nerdy about one specific thing, and that’s already amazing. The added benefit is that they’re very excited to share with you, and they’re very excited to hear the thing that you’re nerdy about. That manifests itself in classes and the ExCo program, and everyone has a great time learning from each other. 

Mia Cooper, College second-year

I would say take Italian with [Senior Lecturer of Italian] Ivana Di Siena. She’s the best ever. 

Oona Shain, College second-year 

Obviously, I would say to come to Oberlin College Lanes. It’s the best place to be. Everyone who works there is awesome. Everyone who bowls is awesome.

Avi Moses, College first-year

I’d tell them that Oberlin is an average liberal arts college and a world-renowned conservatory. The two reasons to go here are co-ops and the culture that you get from being in a conservatory. And also, like, go here now, ’cause like, it’s getting worse. It’s still good, but like, I bet I wouldn’t recommend it in 10 years. So especially if you’re gonna be a double-degree, f***ing, go now.