Sustainable Infrastructure Project-Related Construction Closes North Campus Sidewalks

As part of the ongoing Sustainable Infrastructure Program, the College has been switching to geothermal energy as the source for the heating and cooling of campus buildings and upgrading the heating system itself to be controlled by water temperature. “This work will account for the [C]ollege’s most significant carbon savings as it makes strides towards its goal of carbon neutrality by 2025,” the Sustainable Infrastructure Website reads. During the week of April 3, the College began distribution construction and building conversion work around Severance Hall and on the northern side of West Lorain Street, covering the section between North Professor Street and Woodland Street. Construction on North Campus began Feb. 6. Photos by Erin Koo, Photo Editor Admissions, Consultant Solicit Student Feedback Continued from page 1 This work has entailed blocking off the Science Center doors that face Wilder Hall. Instead of crossing the Science Center quad, pedestrians should use the street crossings at North Professor or Woodland Streets. During the week of April 17, the areas to the east of Barnard Hall and to the north and east of East Hall will be inaccessible, and the sidewalks will be closed while construction begins in these areas. Construction during the week of Monday, April 24 will include the area between Barnard Hall and Severance Hall, in front of the eastward entrance to the Science Center. This will mean that all of the east sections of North Quad south of Bailey Hall will be under construction, and the sidewalks will be either closed or restricted. All those who need to commute through the area can use the wayfinding maps available on the SIP website to plan their routes.