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Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Sports Editors Decide Everything: Homecoming Edition

Illustration by Molly Chapin, Staff Illustrator

After a 10-month hiatus, the Sports Editors are once again here to settle any and all of your squabbles, tiffs, debates, and quarrels. We’ll give you our game predictions, answers to this year’s cuffing season, and a quick trip down memory lane with our past Sports Editors. 

Game prediction: Football vs. DePauw? After the Yeomen’s win against Concordia University of Chicago, we were told to not get too excited about the next couple of weeks. DePauw currently stands at 4–0, and we think that with Oberlin’s last two blowouts, it will most likely be a loss. 

Game prediction: Men’s soccer vs Wooster? The Yeomen currently stand at 2–3–3. Wooster stands at a close 3–4–2. We think this might be a draw.  

Favorite fall sport to watch?

Andrea: I love volleyball. I am also obligated to watch volleyball because my housemate is one of the hitters. My favorite thing to watch during a volleyball game is what all the players on the sidelines are doing. You might see the Yeowomen waving around their pom poms for support, pretending to snipe whenever someone makes a kill shot, or cheering on fourth-year Andréa Jones by singing “Dre” instead of “Damn” in their version of “Just Wanna Rock” by Lil Uzi Vert. (Much love to field hockey as well, I wish there were more home games earlier this season.) 

James: I’m a little biased towards volleyball because I love watching second-year Jill Jendsen make insane digs on the court and dance like crazy on the sideline, but I also really like watching soccer. Seeing the players hustle after the ball and make crazy shots on offense and unreal saves on defense is incredibly exhilarating, and I don’t think there’s ever a dull moment during a game. 

Who will have the best season this fall? 

Andrea: I mean, volleyball is 10–1 at the moment, the best in program history. Also, cross country has its members placing high at races, so they should finish off their season strong. 

James: I also have to go with volleyball. They’re killing it so far this year and have been so dominant in every game they’ve played. Here’s to hoping they can keep it up and win it all this year.

Obie-specific flags?

#1. Red flags: If they’re from New York City or Los Angeles, Jazz majors, anyone who regularly participates in friendcest, guitarists who play you “Blackbird” on your first date, people who eat in Stevie for every single meal, and anyone who buys the canned boba from DeCafé. 

#2. Beige flags: Being in OSCA, any men’s sports team, spending the night at yours your first night out together, exclusively studying on the first floor of Mudd Center, and taking all their classes in King Building. 

#3. Green flags: Missing Biggs GoYeo, actually being quiet on the third and fourth floors of Mudd, getting drinks from Azariah’s Cafe instead of Slow Train Cafe to save money, and making conversation with AVI workers.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift?

Andrea: To be honest, I had no clue who he was before the dating rumors. My all-time NFL crush is Joe Burrow without a doubt. After seeing the videos of Travis dancing when he does a touchdown or making friendship bracelets for his tight end campers, I too might have a crush on Travis Kelce. I’m still all for Kaylor, though. 

James: Travis Kelce has been my NFL crush for quite a while now (sorry, Jimmy G and Joe Burrow lovers). The eyes, the smile, the muscles, the humor, the dances, the bracelets, the podcast with his brother… ANYWAY, Taylor Swift is stunning and arguably the greatest pop star of our generation, so what can go wrong? Best-case scenario, they get married and Taylor only writes happy love songs from now on. Worst case, they break up and we get another banger album to scream in the car. It’s a win-win for me!

Sports Editors Alumni Feature: what was your favorite part about working for the Review?

Since it’s Homecoming Weekend and we miss them so much, we decided to ask our previous Sports Editors a question. 

“The thing I miss most about being at the College is definitely working at the Review. My favorite thing about the Review was just working with the other staff members. I’ve always been a very independent worker and person in general. I think just learning to work with people who have all different kinds of personalities and creative skills made me a better person. I ended up meeting and becoming friends with people who I might not have ever talked to if I wasn’t a part of the staff, and I think that will be more meaningful long term than any article I wrote about men’s lacrosse or whatever.” –John Elrod, OC ’23.

“My favorite thing about being in the Review were the late nights in the office with my friends when we all would become delirious. It seemed horrible at the time, being in that basement for seven hours straight, but some of the funniest moments from my college experience happened down there at 1 a.m. during Thursday night production. Whether it was running to DeCafé for Fourth Meal in the pouring rain, drawing on the walls, taking random photo booth pictures, or blasting Christmas music, the office culture was always a nice escape with my friends from the real world above ground.” –Zoe Kuzbari, OC ’22.

“My favorite thing about being a part of the Review was spending countless hours with my best friends to create a weekly newspaper that brought attention to important stories in the Oberlin community. I loved writing about the athletic community and highlighting multifaceted student-athletes. There was nothing like the feeling of publishing a story that I had worked hard on, and I am grateful for the trust that people put in me to tell their stories.” –Zoë Martin del Campo, OC ’22.

“My favorite thing about being in the Review were my coworkers! We all worked so hard each week and it always came together in the end, even when it didn’t feel like it would.” –Khalid McCalla, OC ’21.

“Through working for the Review, I formed wonderful friendships with people whom I otherwise would have never gotten to interact with. My colleagues, especially my Editors-In-Chief, were so warm and encouraging, and they taught me how to perfect the craft of writing — and empowered me to enjoy the process. My experience at the Review unequivocally launched my career in public relations.” –Alexis Dill, OC ’20.

“The community. Those long Thursday nights were some of the most fun times I’ve ever had. Even though we were stuck in the Review basement for six hours straight, I couldn’t have asked for better people to spend it with: work friends, but also friend friends. They were people you can definitely rely on, given you were brothers-in-arms against the Oxford comma together.” –Jane Agler, OC ’20.

“My favorite thing about being in the Review: being on the staff changed the way I lived on a daily basis. The Review helped me see the campus and the town as a place full of answers to my questions and curiosity. Once you start interrogating and asking questions about the obvious and implicit things around you, you realize how many stories are waiting to be told. The Review helped me see that stories of all kinds were all around me.” –Julie Schreiber, OC ’19.

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