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Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Community Hiring Event Connects Job-Seekers with Employers, Resources

Abe Frato
Employers and nonprofit organizations speak to Oberlin residents about career and educational opportunities.

Representatives from over a dozen employers, community organizations, and educational institutions were present Tuesday at the Oberlin Enrichment and Activity Center to publicize opportunities available to Oberlin residents. The event was organized by the City of Oberlin, and the Lorain County OhioMeansJobs Center. Participating employers represented numerous fields, including manufacturing, healthcare, social services, and elder care.

“The Oberlin Community Career Connection is an event to bring together employers, training providers and community services to engage with members of our community to explore employment opportunities, training options and funding for both individuals and businesses to support the needs of all in our community,” reads a statement from the organizers.

Terrance Richardson-Sanders, equity coordinator for the City of Oberlin, said that the hiring event was created to connect job seekers with employment, training, and other opportunities. She referenced the focus on economic opportunities in the Oberlin Comprehensive Plan. 

“This ‘hiring event’ was developed … in an attempt to connect local businesses to individuals who need a job, who may be seeking a career change, or want to earn a short-term certificate in a high-demand field,” Richardson-Sanders wrote in an email to the Review. “Since the pandemic there has been a shift in employer/employee expectations. There are positions available and training available but not always staff available. The overarching goal is to create an ongoing network to assist employers and employees in connecting.”

Lorain County Community College was present to publicize opportunities for Lorain County residents to receive education and training. One particular program they highlighted was the Oberlin Social Equity and Skill Development Promise, a partnership between LCCC and the City that allows Oberlin residents to take 16-week courses for free and gain certificates in in-demand trades such as welding, IT, and accounting.

The Lorain County OhioMeansJobs Center, which helped organize the event, also had a table where staff promoted resources provided by the organization. OhioMeansJobs is a partnership of nonprofit organizations which offers employment services to people across the state. The organization, which offers services at no cost, has an online employment database that lists available jobs and their qualifications, provides financial assistance for on-the-job training, and offers interview and resume writing workshops. The Lorain County OhioMeansJobs Center is run by the Lorain County Workforce Development Agency.

Other organizations present included non-profits such as Lorain County Community Action Agency and Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority. Local employers such as Kendal at Oberlin also participated to advertise job openings.

Richardson-Sanders said she hopes that job fairs and other events for job seekers will continue at Oberlin Enrichment and Activity Center.

“Our hope is to build a pipeline from high school or Lorain County Joint Vocational School to a job or a Fast Track Certificate Program at Lorain County Community College, [or] for those interested in a bachelor’s degree, to Oberlin or another local college or university,” Richardson-Sanders wrote. “Some may want to start a small business, therefore having training and mentoring options that promote entrepreneurship. Our goal is to create a ‘Community Career and Education Connection’ where hiring events will occur on a regular basis and the Oberlin Enrichment and Activity Center will become a hub for these connections.”

Chris Derkins, business service coordinator for the Lorain County Workforce Development Agency and OhioMeansJobs, also expressed interest in continuing to hold hiring events in Oberlin.  

“We hope the event will grow and be a service to individuals, businesses, and communities,” he said. 

According to Richardson-Sanders, about 45 job seekers attended. 

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