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Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Ukraine Should Not be Forgotten

The war in Ukraine continues and should not be forgotten as other world events decrease international focus on it. It seems to have lost focus, attention, and support from government leadership, international organizations, and many around the world as other world events have garnered the world’s focus. As the war is now at its two-year anniversary since Russia initially invaded, international support and attention has waned; this has Ukraine severely concerned, and should have the U.S. and the rest of the world concerned as well.

The war in Ukraine and Putin’s imperial ambitions for Russia have not ceased with the decreased focus on Ukraine, and that decreased focus has been great news for Putin and Russia as destruction continues and as Russia launches further offenses in Ukraine.  

This comes as Congress is currently voting on a bill that the Senate recently voted to advance to provide aid to Ukraine and other allies in a time of instability and uncertainty, including military equipment, technology, and funding for Ukraine’s defenses. This aid is important for Ukraine to continue its resistance against Russian invasion, occupation, and destruction. But nevertheless, Ukraine seems to have been sidelined in the attention of the global community, including by several members of Congress who are seeking to halt Ukrainian aid. Ukraine should not be forgotten in its incredible resistance against Russia, and this should be reflected in where U.S. aid is allocated. Congress should pass the bill providing additional aid, and people around the world should also remember the cause of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian resistance and counteroffensive against Russian forces, both on land and in the Black Sea, has been incredible and damaging to the Kremlin and to Putin, despite initial beliefs that Ukraine would quickly lose to Russia. Even so, the war has dragged on for nearly two years. Ukraine still needs aid and support in its continuing counteroffensive against Russia.

The war in Ukraine seems to have lost international attention and support, which has presented a significant opportunity for Russia and Putin. Russia has increased its destruction of Ukraine’s democracy and society while entering arms deals with other regimes as the world is largely distracted; Russia has currently entered into an arms deal with North Korea, where Russia is receiving military equipment from the isolated regime in return for money and, as some have speculated, equipment and resources for their nuclear weapon and ballistic missile program. Russia has also entered into arms deals with China and Iran to grow Russia’s military arsenal, with significant military equipment and technology coming from China’s ever-growing industrial capabilities. ​​According to Freedom House, China is under the rule of an authoritarian government and has posed a greater threat to Ukraine, democracy, and global security. The same goes for Iran with its growing arsenal, its attempts at building nuclear technology, and its ties with and support for Russia. The risks are too dire to ignore. 

According to the Kyiv School of Economics, there has been more than $150 billion in infrastructure damage, with more than 150,000 housing units destroyed. According to U.S. officials, 10,000 civilians and nearly 500,000 soldiers in the Ukrainian military have been killed or wounded.

The conflict in Ukraine is ongoing, and Russia has continued offenses and destruction in Ukraine in an attempt to completely conquer and annex it. The Russian path of destruction has not ceased, and Ukraine is struggling in its counteroffensive against Russia’s forces both on land and in the Black Sea. Nevertheless, even though Ukraine still enjoys some degree of support from members of Congress, there have been proposals and votes by some officials to halt aid to Ukraine, especially among Republicans; this would be a devastating blow to Ukraine and a massive gift to Russia and Putin.

It is in the best interest of the United States, democracy and freedom, and global security to continue support for Ukraine. If Putin is allowed to take Ukraine, it would mean the establishment and expansion of his autocratic regime; it could also mean further aggression and military conquests against other sovereign countries by Russian forces. 

It would send a message to the Kremlin and to Putin that he can succeed in his imperial ambitions in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, further putting global security at risk. 

It is also in the best interest of democracy and freedom for Ukraine to win, as well as a defeat for autocracy and Russia’s imperial ambitions. If Russia takes Ukraine, Putin will impose the same autocratic order he has established in Russia. Ukraine has a democratically elected government that will be destroyed by Russian forces if Ukraine doesn’t win and get the support it needs from its allies. The United States should continue support for Ukraine to maintain the democratic values it was established on against autocracy and tyranny.

If Ukraine is important to the United States, it should be reflected in its budget and aid, and should be more of a national focus. 

However, several members of Congress are seeking to halt military and financial aid to Ukraine, even as the war continues. This would serve to weaken its capability and forces against the continued Russian invasion and destruction of the country. This will further play into Russia’s hands and is partly a result from the shift of domestic and international focus away from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The devastating impact in Ukraine that has come from Russia’s invasion has worsened since the world’s attention shifted away. The United States should continue to direct aid and national focus toward the cause of Ukraine and its resistance against Russian imperialism and occupation.  

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