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Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Oberlin Celebrates Chinese New Year with Spring Festival

Abe Frato
Students sang and performed at the Spring Festival celebration last Saturday.

On Saturday, students gathered in Wilder Hall to celebrate the Spring Festival, which is a celebration that marks the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon. Wilder Main Space was decorated with red lanterns, lights, and symbols, all contributing to an air of good luck and festivity throughout the event. The celebration was held a few weeks later than usual this year due to complications with timing and finding a space, but it was welcomed by students and faculty all the same. The event was organized in coordination with the East Asian Studies department and the Chinese Students Association, showcasing Chinese culture through various live performances, games, and, of course, food.

The Spring Festival is one of the most significant and widely celebrated Chinese festivals. Celebrating it at Oberlin fosters a sense of cultural understanding and diversity within the school. College third-year Coco Song, one of the coordinators of the event, emphasized the importance of the Spring Festival in shedding light on different cultures and fostering connections within the Oberlin community. 

“Spring Festival is the most important traditional Chinese festival of the year,” Song said. “We wanted to share this beautiful Chinese culture with all of the Oberlin community.”

The performances, ranging from fun, energetic displays to instrumental performances, were the highlight of the night. College first-year Sammi Quinn attended the event and spoke of its impact. 

“It was cool to hear a different type of music that I wasn’t familiar with,” Quinn said. “It was also super cool that they included student performers.” 

The inclusion of student performances offered a unique sense of community, especially when students from different Chinese classes across campus performed. The broad variety of skill and style contributed to the fun, uplifting atmosphere and celebratory vibe. The student performances were a way for students to actively participate and contribute to the cultural event and make connections with other students.

Students and faculty who attended the event felt that it fostered a shared sense of community. Coming together to celebrate a culture allows students to understand the importance of cultural diversity and also join in celebrating a unique, fun, and history-rich tradition.

 “I think it’s … a good designated space to celebrate something,” Quinn said. “It’s good to have a specific space where it’s dedicated to honoring one particular culture instead of a general sort of event for all cultures.”

Events such as the Spring Festival are not only avenues for entertainment and food, but they allow students to connect with their heritage, share traditions, and provide educational experiences. 

“Whether or not you are an international student, being away from your family at school can sometimes make you feel extremely disconnected from traditions and cultures,”  College first-year Wren Norris said. “Events like these are a good way for people to stay connected.”

Through games, food, and performances, the Oberlin College community was able to come together and celebrate this traditional, fun, and vibrant cultural festival. The festival stands as a testament to the rich culture on Oberlin’s campus.

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