Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Weekly Crossword



1. Period of two weeks

9. Winter wear

10. “You make a better door than a ______!”

12. College department code for a class such as Introduction to Book Studies

13. Sound, abbr. 

15. These letters typically only come in this order when after C

17. Historical precursor to chemistry

20. Opposite of innocent

22. Arctic Monkeys’ 2022 album

24. Annoyance

26. Genetic molecule created during transcription

27. Emily Dickinson or Louise Gluck, for example

30. Hit off of Taylor Swift’s Lover, “The ___” 

32. Metric in the call center industry, abbr. 

33. Capital of England 

34. Actor who stars in The Lighthouse, written with first initial

36. Expression of adoration, abbr.

37. Opposite of begin

39. Prefix meaning “self”

40. 12 p.m. 

42. Having no capability of motion

44. Tropical herbivorous lizard

46. Increase shadow

48. State of transcendence in Buddhism

49. Preposition that indicates the means of achieving something

50. Prefix for -science, -logy, and -metry

51. Icon

54. Cleans with a broom

56. Cynical crime genre

57. Form of government controlled by a select few individuals


1. Seattle chamber pop band _____ Foxes

2. Consumer electronics company

3. Excessively troubled

4. Potential nickname for actress Portman of Black Swan

5. Crash support?

7. Prophet, or name derived from Hebrew word meaning “to train”

8. American science fiction writer H.P. _________

11. The state of being adult and female-identifying

14. Horns of an impala, for example

16. Article

18. Opinions category in the Review, abbr.

19. Trim fabric

21. Pined for

23. Expressions of regret

25. String instrument, abbr. 

28. Without company

29. A child’s plaything

31. Civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability

33. If it’s silver, it’s positive

35. Goodbye, en français 

37. U.S. primary language, abbr.

38. Boring or unassuming

41. Punjabi-Canadian rapper

42. ___ Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries

43. Attempting

45. To be called something

47. Some newspapers publish with this time interval

52. Immediately declared deceased or ineffective, abbr.

53. Computer file format that synchronizes words to a song with an audio file, abbr. 

55. Spouse, abbr. 

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