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College senior Sam Karpinski tosses a fire staff into the air in one of the many fire displays of last Friday and Saturday’s performance of Up In Smoke. As suggested by the title, Up In Smoke branched out from usual OCA shows by incorporating many fire elements, including flaming poi and fire-eating.

Aerialists Finish with a Bang in ‘Up In Smoke’

May 9, 2014

“Don’t light things on fire, kids,” College senior and director of the event Samantha Karpinski said, waving to the crowd — as if anyone would take her advice after watching her fearlessly twirl, swallow and spit flames just seconds before. This was the trend last Friday and Saturday night just after sundown as the Oberlin College Aerialists lit up the tennis courts with their circus caricatures, physical prowess, artistry and, yes, real fire. The crowd couldn’t get enough of Up In Smo...

College sophomore Sophie Umazi Mvurya (right) moves to the music at Toxicity last Friday night. The wasteland-themed event, hosted by Solarity, featured student DJs and musicians and culminated in a “Silent Disco.” Attendees were issued wireless headphones through which they could choose from two music channels.

In Spite of Controversy, Massive Crowd Gathers for Toxicity

May 9, 2014

Solarity’s latest event, Toxicity, generated nearly as much energy as a nuclear power plant. Despite the controversy surrounding the event concerning its name, hundreds of students flocked to Wilder Bowl last Friday night to see student artwork and dance the night away. The display seemed a far cry from the advertised “wasteland,” with only a few decorated trashcans conveying the nuclear wasteland theme. With blinking lights hung from the trees and the Solarity members’ glowing costumes,...

College sophomore Christy Rose performs a trick on the single-point trapeze during her frog-themed aerial routine during last Friday’s Circus Safari. The show, sponsored by the Oberlin College Aerialists, featured both new and veteran members in performances that drew inspiration from jungle animals.

Playful Showcase Features Animalistic Aerialists

May 2, 2014

The disorder of the jungle might seem an unorthodox pairing with the hyper-controlled technique necessary for aerial, but the combination worked wonders in the Circus Safari show held in Hales Gymnasium last Friday evening. The show, in which performers costumed themselves as a separate jungle animal that they then embodied during their routines, was hosted by College first-year Zoe Beach and College senior Rachel Webberman with the support of Oberlin College Aerialists. It made for an entertaining spectacl...

College junior Mini Zhang (left), College junior Chelsea Cross, College sophomore Calvin Gang, College sophomore Gabriela Hurtado-Ramos, College sophomore Alan Rueda and College sophomore Sue Mengchen Zue perform a dance piece at the Koreo showcase last Wednesday.

Intense, Energetic Pieces Drive Koreo Showcase

May 2, 2014

The crowd in the Cat in the Cream got everything it wanted at the Koreo showcase last Wednesday, from heavy beats to heart-wrenching poetry. Koreo, Oberlin’s co-ed hip-hop fusion dance troupe, collaborated with fellow hip-hop student performers for a fun and exhilarating show featuring not only dance, but spoken word, beat-boxing and music as well. The show kicked off with a dance duet by College juniors Lingyu (Mini) Zhang and Chelsea Cross set to the music of Kill the Noise, Until the Ribbon...

Girls in Motion Brings Community to Cat

Anne Pride-Wilt, Arts Editor

April 25, 2014

It can be easy for Oberlin students to forget that the world isn’t entirely peopled by 18to 22-year-olds, with the occasional professor thrown in for good measure. The bubble isn’t always a bad thing, but aside from the altruistic souls who volunteer in the community, most of us go weeks without seeing anyone under the age of 13. During the Girls in Motion dance performance in the Cat in the Cream on Wednesday night, any curious college student could have remedied that dearth — the performance was about anything but college students, as local elementary and middle school girls and their families took center stage. Girls in Motion was founded 10 years ago by Professor of Dance Ann Cooper Albright. At twice-weekly...

Body Positive Burlesque Show Stays Tame

Mary Fischer

April 18, 2014

On Tuesday, amid controversy over the cancellation of Safer Sex Night, the ’Sco opened its doors for the Sexual Information Center’s second-sexiest campus tradition: the annual Burlesque Show. While the show turned out not to be so explicit after all, it was attended by a diverse crowd whose support and high spirits made an otherwise tame evening successful and, as presumably intended, empowering for the attendees. To most, “burlesque” refers to a sexy variety show, usually staged in nightclubs and featuring plenty of nakedness. The SIC’s program, however, was intended to play toward the burlesque’s earlier, less extravagant and less sexualized tradition, with a noticeable lack of nudity. This relative...

College seniors Jeremy Rubinstein and Hayley Larson and junior Donal Sheets joined forces this semester to organize Dandelion Romp, which took place last weekend. The Review sat down with them this week to discuss Dandelion Romp’s history, the contra community and the event’s highlights.

On the Record with Co-Chairs of Annual Dandelion Romp Contradance Festival

April 18, 2014

College seniors Jeremy Rubinstein and Hayley Larson and junior Donal Sheets joined forces this semester to organize Dandelion Romp, which took place last weekend. The Review sat down with them this week to discuss Dandelion Romp’s history, the contra community and the event’s highlights. So what exactly is Dandelion Romp? Jeremy Rubinstein: It’s a three-day-long festival of primarily contra dancing, but [it] also includes other forms of folk dance and folk music. Sometimes there is m...

Barnes Stresses Individuality, Expression in Workshops

Vida Weisblum

April 11, 2014

Monica Bill Barnes, contemporary dancer, choreographer and performer extraordinaire, prides herself on quirkiness and fun — attributes which she eagerly shared with the Oberlin community last Saturday. She joined student dancers and non-dancers for two captivating workshops, each a two hour-long session in Warner Main. One might expect a dance workshop with one of New York’s most celebrated contemporary dance figures to be intimidating, even rigid; Barnes, however, maintained a refreshingly comfortable environment and came prepared with an exciting agenda. The workshop attracted participants from Oberlin College and nearby universities, plus two international attendees. Barnes, whose poise resembled that of Audrey...

College sophomore Alana Reibstein performs a piece choreographed by Ann Cooper Albright, the chair of the Dance department, for Spring Back. The show is a combination of student-produced work as well as pieces choreographed under the direction of Albright.

‘Spring Back’ Revitalizes Postmodern Dance

April 11, 2014

“Sometimes [Warner Main Space] feels like a big cathedral; other times I’ll lie on my back on the floor and look up into the rafters and it’s like we’re all in a big upside-down ark,” said College junior and Dance major Silvia Sheffield. The performance space has seen generations of dancers, and the latest aims to honor the venue and its history. This season’s Spring Back show, Oberlin’s annual spring dance concert, is centered on the exploration of the human form and how it relate...

Essence and Dance Diaspora members rehearse an energetic moment from dance performance Queens Rule, which will play this Friday and Saturday in Warner Main Space. From left, performers are College sophomore Donnay Edmund, College senior Koryn Lockett, College sophomore Mark Sikorski, College junior Aldrumesia Baker, College junior Kara Mahon, guest dancer Tiachelle “Ty” Clifford, College junior Gifty Dominah and College sophomore Sophie Umazi Mvurya.

On the Record: Adenike Sharpley on Dance, Feminism and the Demise of Hip-Hop

March 7, 2014

This Friday and Saturday, Essence will present Queens Rule, a dance performance that tells the story of hip-hop music and dance, from its roots in West African beats, through its activist beginnings, to the genre’s current commercialization. The show is particularly aimed at questioning how women’s bodies are portrayed in hip-hop, and how this objectification came about in a genre that at first was aimed at breaking down binaries of power and privilege. Adenike Sharpley, an artist in residence...

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