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After 14 Years, Oberlin Gets Another Book Co-op

Duncan Standish, Staff Writer

May 3, 2013

A new book-focused cooperative, the first of its kind since the Co-op Book Store closed in 1999, is set to launch this week. Its first event — Beerz4Books, where students can trade textbooks for beer — is scheduled for May 10, time and place yet to be announced. Student Work And Power will begin as a textbook exchange for Oberlin students, but its organizers hope it can grow to provide all types of literary resources and events for the wider Oberlin community. The group will sublet a currently unused room in the basement of Harkness from the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association and convert it into a place to enjoy and exchange books. Sarah Johnson, OSCA history coordinator and one of SWAP’s founders, said...

Kasper Celebrates 50 Years Teaching At Oberlin

Julia Herbst, News Editor

May 3, 2013

What is it like to have taught at Oberlin for 50 years? It’s quite an accomplishment.  Well I don’t regard it as an accomplishment. It’s just one day after the next, and I’ve been away on sabbaticals and things like that from time to time and on leave, so it didn’t seem to be something that was piling up, as it were. Looking back at your time here, is the student body the same as it was 50 years ago, or is it the same as when you started teaching here in 1963?  It’s pretty much the same feel. I think students these days like a little more feedback than they used to. [Students today have] a little more concern about if they’re doing the right thing. A little less independent-minded than they were before. … ...

Ron Paul Promotes Libertarian Ideals

Julia Herbst, News Editor

April 12, 2013

Ron Paul, former Congressman and three-time presidential candidate, spoke to a packed house in Finney Chapel on Sunday night, the first of two speakers hosted this week by the Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians. He covered a range of topics in his address, titled “Liberty, Defined,” including his views on the economy, foreign policy and personal freedom. Paul, who was introduced by Nick Miller, College senior and president of the OCRL, received a standing ovation by much of the crowd as he walked onstage. He began by directly addressing the college students in the audience. “All the young people and all the young at heart who love liberty, thank you for inviting me,” said Paul. “It is great...

Advice from Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.


March 8, 2013

On the Oberlin Community... “ Keep embracing each other and don’t be divided.” “In this new world order, living apart is no longer an option. Co-existence is our only hope.” “Oberlin has a legacy of multiculturalism and multiracialism that stands second to none in the country.” “You can’t let anyone steal your joy.” “[Continue] to recruit and interact and retain with a broad base of students and faculty ... and teach subjects that challenge limitations of our culture.” “People of color, lesbians, gays, they’re all a part of our community.” “I’d be glad to meet the students at some point in time.” On Acts of Hatred... “Those who engage in hate acts must be exposed. The...

West Side Market Reopens After Fire

Matan Zeimer

February 22, 2013

When you step into the main building of the West Side Market, which houses close to 80 vendors, you step into one of Cleveland’s main cultural centers. Warmly colored tiles cover every part of the indoor market. The stalls are close to 15 feet tall, but the market’s ceiling arches way above them. Light falls from the curved ceiling. Lamps craning over the aisles are adorned with historical photographs documenting events dating to the construction of the building in 1908. It is hard to believe that the scene here would have looked much different in 1912 when the market first opened for business. The market reopened on Monday after closing for 19 days due to an electrical fire — the longest closure since its opening....

Iconic West Side Market Reopens After Fire

Matan Zeimer

February 15, 2013

This first part of a two-part series takes a look at the produce section of the West Side Market. Next week, part two will take readers inside the main market space at the start of business hours. On the northwest corner of West 25th Street and Lorain Avenue in the neighborhood of Ohio City sits a large building home to the West Side Market, an icon of Cleveland. Its tall clock tower, crowned with a green-tinted dome, makes the light-orange brick, marble and concrete building identifiable from many blocks away. Before the 7 a.m. opening of the marketplace, a handful of cars already sit, emitting wisps of exhaust, as they wait with their engines idling in the parking lot on the northeast side of the building. By 8:30 ...

Mental Health Services Gets Revamped

Elizabeth Kuhr, Staff Writer

February 15, 2013

Last week, Dean of Students Eric Estes e-mailed the student body with several new mental health initiatives that have been put into place, including a student advisory group, several grief workshops and a peer-to-peer outreach program. These initiatives are part of a renewed commitment by students, faculty and staff alike to create more awareness regarding mental health on campus. “We really want to create awareness, reduce stigma,” said Director of Student Health and Counseling Services John Harshbarger. “What we’re taking a look at is how we can support each other in this community and continue to do that in ways that feel really good to all of us.” Spearheaded by a handful of groups and departments o...

Documentary Highlights Flaws of Justice System

Tania Mukherjee

February 15, 2013

Last Tuesday night, the award-winning documentary Crime After Crime, based on the story of incarcerated domestic violence victim Deborah Peagler, was screened in Craig Lecture Hall. The event was co-sponsored by the Program Board, Forum Board, Peace and Conflict Connections Group, Oberlin College Dialogue Center, Multicultural Resource Center and the Office of Religious and Student Life, and was attended by many students, faculty and community members. The film’s director, Yoav Potash, and Joshua Safran, OC ’97, one of Peagler’s pro bono attorneys, were present at the event to talk about the film and domestic violence. The 95-minute documentary, which has received accolades like Official Selection to the 2011...

Animal Rights Activists Speak on ‘Eco-Terrorism’ Branding

Robin Wasserman, News Editor

December 14, 2012

Will Potter, journalist and author of the new book Green is the New Red, and animal rights activist Jake Conroy spoke Monday on government and corporate oppression in relation to animal rights activism. Conroy, who spent three years in prison after organizing against animal testing at Huntingdon Life Sciences, discussed his experiences in the prison system. The event was sponsored by Oberlin Animal Rights. Potter emphasized that the influence of corporations has allowed nonviolent actions of the environmental movement to be branded as “eco-terrorism” by the government and media. He described how the FBI threatened him after he began handing out leaflets against Huntingdon Life Sciences, a corporation that performed...

Fundraiser to Help Oberlin Community Services

Sophia Fast

December 14, 2012

The Oberlin Pottery Co-op is making over 500 mugs for the fourth annual Empty Mugs fundraiser this Monday, Dec. 17. Conservatory students will perform an hour-long brass and organ concert consisting of holiday songs before ending the concert with a sing-a-long. “This event is a really great stress-free environment to put on a concert,” said Caitlin Featherstone, a Conservatory senior who will be performing at the fundraiser. “ It’s just so much fun, especially the sing-along at the end.” Immediately following the music, the Oberlin Pottery Co-op sells handcrafted mugs for $10 each. Local businesses provide a free beverage with each purchased mug. Last year, Agave provided hot chocolate, Slow Train...

Panel Discusses Future of Natural Gas

Robin Wasserman, News Editor

November 30, 2012

Four panelists discussed issues surrounding the use of natural gas last Monday in the second event of a four-part series on how to reach the College’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2025. Associate Professor of Psychology Cindy Frantz said that “natural gas is not an acceptable long-term solution,” but that it is still the most likely short-term source of energy for the College as it heads toward carbon neutrality. The panel, which Frantz said had been organized in response to students’ request for a dialogue on natural gas, addressed issues that confront how the College can use natural gas as a transition fuel. “We’re stuck, I’d say, between a rock and a hard place and a dagger and a gun,” said Frantz...

Students celebrate Obama's re-election at the Tappan Square bandstand Tuesday night.

Several jazz majors played in the Tappan Square bandstand to celebrate the results of the election Tuesday night.

Spontaneous Tappan Party Celebrates Election

November 9, 2012

When CNN projected an Obama victory late Tuesday night, the ’Sco exploded. The approximately 100 students in attendance cheered, hugged, screamed, laughed and began belting out the national anthem. “Everything is better!” said College sophomore Annie Winneg. The festivities had only just begun. A plastic garbage barrel’s hollow, persistent thumping provided a baseline for the screams and car horns which erupted into the previously quiet night. Packs of cheering people wandered in a...

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