Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Beejhy Barhany, founder of BINA

Off the Cuff: Beejhy Barhany

Max Anzilotti February 11, 2011

Why did you decide to form BINA? We formed it in the beginning to network and help one another any way we could -- with a job, with housing. We just wanted to create a network for newcomers, which we...

Security Report: Feb. 3 – Feb. 9, 2011

Staff February 11, 2011

Friday, Feb. 4 5:40 p.m. Officers assisted a staff member who slipped and fell on the ice by the Adam Joseph Lewis Center. The employee was transported to Mercy Allen Hospital for treatment. Saturday,...

Increased Number of Obies Go Abroad

Sam Szabo, Staff Writer December 11, 2009

Although students considering studying abroad during their college career know they are not alone, a new report shows just how common the decision is for Oberlin students. According to the report, Oberlin...

Making Space for a Longer Fall Reading Period

Sam Jewler, Ian Seeley, and Lila Leatherman December 11, 2009

From smoking cigarettes to running through the library naked, Oberlin students always find a way to cope with the stress of their impending finals. Reading period is never easy, but it might get a little...

Speaker Rey Cordova, HIV-Positive Since Birth, Gives Face to HIV/AIDS

Fajer Saeed December 11, 2009

As someone who was born HIV-positive, Rey Cordova has spent his entire life dealing with the stigma of HIV/ AIDS. Last Friday, Cordova, 29, gave a talk titled “Growing Up Positive: A Young American’s...

Litoff Building Already Earns Award

Alexandria Cho, Staff Writer December 11, 2009

The Litoff building — the newest addition to the Conservatory and soon-to-be-home of jazz studies, music history and music theory — is making fast progress in ways that transcend its construction schedule. The...

Obies at War: Alumni, Family Find Reasons for Enlistment

Piper Niehaus, Editor-In-Chief December 11, 2009

Though many people join the armed forces following the example of an older family member, Bill Krissoff, OC ’68, did the opposite. Krissoff’s sons both became commissioned officers in the Marine Corps and,...

Oberlin’s Peta2 Ranking Beaten by Wesleyan’s Veggie Vote Mobilization

Julian Spiro, Staff Writer December 11, 2009

Despite Oberlin’s many tofu scrambles and vegan baked goods, the school just missed out on Peta2’s Most Vegetarian-Friendly College title. Oberlin improved from last year’s sixth-place finish in...

Green Referendum Falls Short of Quorum After Seven Weeks

Fajer Saeed December 11, 2009

Each year, Oberlin’s Student Senate is required to put together a referendum to gather student opinions and amend the Student Constitution if necessary. Although the Student Senate has tried unsuccessfully...

Green Energy Forum

Sam Szabo, Holly Roney, and Elise Shulman-Reed December 4, 2009

When College President Marvin Krislov signed off on Oberlin College’s Climate Action Plan this fall, he committed the school to achieving carbon emission neutrality by the year 2025. Although the plan...

Oberlin Faculty Members Endorse Open Access

Ian Seeley, News Editor December 4, 2009

In a unanimous decision, the Oberlin College General Faculty voted on Nov. 18 to allow open access to their peer-reviewed journal articles in Oberlin’s institutional repository. Although the policy...

Gas to Power New AMP Plant

Holly Roney and Elise Shulman-Reed December 4, 2009

The lights in Ohio might soon start to get a little greener. On Nov. 25, American Municipal Power announced that it would be converting its American Municipal Power Generating Station project from a pulverized...

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