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Students Should Rally in Support of Tom Reid

Jody Shanabrook, College Junior, Johnnie Kallas, and Erin Loschetter

March 1, 2019

In his 42 years as a student or staff member at Oberlin, former associate director of the Student Union Tom Reid, OC ’80, touched the lives of thousands of students and community members through his leadership at College Lanes, the Cat in the Cream, and the Wilder Hall Student Union Office. As current students, alumni, and members of the community, we are writing to voice our continued frustration with Oberlin College’s decision to eliminate Tom’s position. In September, we sent a petition to President Ambar calling for his reinstatement. The petition collected over 1,100 signatures and nearly 500 personal testimonials in less than a week. In November, a group of nearly 40 current students, alumni, staff, faculty,...

Liberal Arts Education Still Has Plenty To Offer Students

Donn Ginoza, OC ’74, Member, Alumni Leadership Council

March 1, 2019

If you are an administrator at a liberal arts college, the news is mostly ominous and foreboding. Colleges that are highly dependent on tuition revenue and possess small endowments are reducing their faculty to cut costs, and in some cases even closing. In the 1960s and 1970s, my parents had but a fraction of my current income and were able to put both my sister and me through Oberlin with no loans to repay after graduation. My parents were also the offspring of immigrants from Asia. I experienced the subtle pressure to seek out a “safe” career path guaranteed through higher education; in those days, this translated to doctor or lawyer. Today, the emphasis is more on seeking schools that prioritize engineering...

Community Should Participate in Sodexo Future Chefs Competition

Jordan Krystowski, Sodexo Food Service Director

February 22, 2019

To the Editors: While healthy eating can be a challenge for kids and parents, elementary school students in Oberlin City Schools will use their creativity and culinary skills March 20 to make healthy Mexican-inspired recipes in the 2019 Sodexo Future Chefs Challenge. The national initiative, now in its ninth year, was created to get students thinking about healthy food choices while also encouraging them to be active and creative in the kitchen. Oberlin students are joining over 2,700 other students representing more than 1,400 Sodexo-served school sites in 30 states. Twenty-five elementary school students submitted healthy Mexican-inspired recipes, and the creators of the best six were selected to participate...

Empty Mugs Holiday Brass and Organ Spectacular Proves Highly Successful This Year

Margie L. Flood, Executive Direction, OCS

February 15, 2019

To the Editors: What a joyous, beautiful event was the Empty Mugs Holiday Brass and Organ Spectacular, held at the First Church in Oberlin last Friday, Feb. 8! Thank you to the hundreds of people who attended, and thank you to all of the many, many people, organizations, and businesses who donated time, talent, and resources — it couldn’t have happened without you! Although I cannot possibly name everyone to whom I owe gratitude, I extend a special thanks to Artistic Director Evelyn Proffit, Volunteer Coordinator Michele Andrews, the Oberlin Pottery Co-op (led by Emma Dreyfuss and Jack Flotte), the Oberlin Brass Ensemble, the Oberlin Choristers, the First Church in Oberlin, The Feve, and Chris and Noelle Breuer....

Oberlin Should Be Proud of Main Library Naming

Alexia Hudson-Ward, Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries

February 8, 2019

To the Editors: Mary Church Terrell (OC ’1884, MA 1888, HON 1948) was one of the first black women to earn a four year degree in the United States. Typifying how “one person can change the world,” she became a prominent suffragette, educator, and civil rights leader, serving as a founding charter member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and National Association of Colored Women. Both of these organizations remain at the vanguard of social justice and civil rights efforts in America. Mary also believed in the transformative power of academic libraries for democratized learning and informal dialogue. Consequently, she gifted the NAACP’s magazine, The Crisis, to several academic...

Students Should Submit Nominations for Living Angel Award

Suzan Piskur, Community Manager, American Cancer Society – North Region

December 7, 2018

To the Editors:   The American Cancer Society is now accepting nominations for the Dr. Alex & Maria Zolli Living Angel Award.   The recipient of this award is an individual in the community who has direct involvement in the field of cancer — either through personal experience or by working with cancer patients.   The nominee may be a cancer patient, nurse, volunteer, researcher, social worker, and/or physician, etc. Letters specifying the accomplishments of the nominee must be received by Friday, Jan. 11. Please include your name, address, and phone number as well as those of the nominee.   Please send nominations to:   Life Savers Ball Attn: Living Angel...

Students Should Research Carbon Bill

Ray English, Director of Libraries Emeritus

December 7, 2018

I read with appreciation Yan Jin’s fine article in last week’s Review about the Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s efforts to address the risks posed by climate change (“CCL Fights For Climate Change Policies” Nov. 30, 2018). The recent U.S. National Climate Assessment and the October report of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change underscore the urgent need for government action that deals effectively with this major challenge facing humanity. As noted in the article, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividends Act of 2018 — the bipartisan legislation that CCL has lobbied for — was recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. I hope all members of the Oberlin College community will take time to ...

CCL Supports Climate Reform

John Sabin, Assistant Ohio Coordinator, Citizens’ Climate Lobby

December 7, 2018

Thank you to Yan Jin for the excellent article on Citizens’ Climate Lobby in the Review last week (“CCL Fights for Climate Change Policies,” Nov. 30, 2018). As noted in the article, CCL’s long-time legislative proposal was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives last week. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is sponsored by three Democrats — Ted Deutch, John Delaney, and Charlie Crist — and two Republicans — Brian Fitzpatrick and Francis Rooney. It will put a steadily rising fee on carbon emissions (paid by fossil fuel companies) and return the net revenue to American households in the form of equal monthly dividends. The policy will reduce carbon emissions in the U.S. by at least 40 perce...

Resolution on the Treatment of Oberlin Employees

American Association of University Professors, Milton Wyman, Oberlin College Office and Professional Employees, and Oberlin Student Labor Action Coalition

December 7, 2018

This resolution is the product of wide-ranging conversations among the various employee groups on campus. It identifies a set of principles and concrete demands to ensure the fair and humane treatment of all employees, consistent with our values as a college community. Since the time of its founding, Oberlin College has stood for a commitment to equality and social justice, and identified as a place organized around the principles of learning and labor. These values must be equally applicable to the treatment of its employees and to its educational mission. Oberlin’s employees, faculty, and staff alike, have a deep personal investment in the College, and the greatest long-term commitment to it; we make our lives...

Thank You For Passing Issue 11

David Hall, Superintendent, Oberlin City Schools

November 30, 2018

Oberlin City Schools would like to thank all of our parents, staff, students, and community members for supporting Issue 11. It has been a long journey. The district has been engaged in exploring and researching new school facilities for over 10 years. The vision for the district is to design and create a new state-of-the-art facility for our students and community. This will provide the district with future cost savings, security enhancements, and advanced technology. With the passing of Issue 11, the vision has become a reality. I would like to thank our Bond Committee, Facilities Committee, previous superintendents (John Schroth and Geoff Andrews), the School Board, and community members for all of the hard work...

Oberlin Will Survive Financial Challenges

Donn Ginoza, Alumni Membership Council Member

November 30, 2018

The recent protest in response to Tom Reid’s termination from his former position of associate director of the Student Union seems to be only the beginning of more conflicts as the administration addresses what it sees as difficult financial decisions ahead. What made Oberlin special for me as a student was the courage students showed in speaking up on issues of importance. This tradition continues. When Oberlin describes itself as a place where students who want to change the world go, it speaks to a culture that is unafraid to identify problems but also committed to solving them. As the Review article describing the protest pointed out, Oberlin’s challenges exist at a high level. Oberlin has an existential problem,...

Oberlin Residents Must Hold School District Accountable

Debbi Walsh and Melissa Ballard

November 16, 2018

With the passing of Issue 11, we have now entrusted the Oberlin School District with a large amount of taxpayer money. We will remember the many promises made throughout their campaign. The message of Oberlin Concerned Citizens has been to broaden the conversation from a building to the entire context in which this decision is being made. We hope the community fares well, even as the depth of its divide about this project has now been revealed. It is a basic truth that Oberlin’s resources are not infinite. The financial state of the College and our households will continue to impact the lives of all of us, including the children we educate. Holding the Board of Education accountable for its use of this money will...

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