Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Women’s Soccer Seeks to Improve

Nora Ryan September 12, 2012

On Sept. 17, the Yeowomen lost in a closely contested game to Defiance College. Despite the 3–1 loss, Head Coach Kristen Hayden is encouraged by the improvement she has witnessed in the past two games. “We...

Judaism in Jeopardy

Phoebe Hammer, Sports Editor September 12, 2012

I have never really thought much about being a Jewish student-athlete. In fact, I’ve never really thought much about being Jewish at Oberlin. I will admit, I am far from religious. I have been to Shabbat...

In the Locker Room with Jackson Meredith and John Crittenden

Madeleine O'Meara, Sports Editor September 12, 2012

Why did you decide to play rugby at Oberlin? Jackson Meredith: Well, I played rugby in high school for four years. We had a really good team. I didn’t think I was going to play at Oberlin because...

Bishops Trump Yeomen in Home Opener

Rose Stoloff, Staff Writer September 12, 2012

On sunny Saturday afternoon, hordes of students, faculty, community members and enthusiastic cheerleaders gathered to support the men’s football team in its home opener against the Ohio Wesleyan Bishops. Driven...

Editorial: The Conscience of a Student-Athlete

Quinn Hull, Sports Editor May 4, 2012

Oberlin varsity athletes, “Student-Athlete Week” is almost upon us! Truth is, I don’t quite know how to feel about the Week, which comes on the heels of similar NCAA-wide celebrations, like “National...

Yeowomen Set New Precedent, Runners-Up at NCACs

Phoebe Hammer, Staff Writer May 4, 2012

Last weekend, for the first time in recent history, the women’s tennis team competed in the North Coast Athletic Conference championships. Although it lost 1–5 to the eight-ranked team in the nation,...

Molly is Marvelous Again as Yeo Track and Field Excels

Kirby Livingston, Staff Writer May 4, 2012

The men’s and women’s track and field teams were all over the map last weekend, with athletes competing at three separate meets. The Yeomen decathletes and Yeowomen heptathletes had particularly...

Get Paid to Play: A Look at the NCAA and its Athletes

Samantha Dudzinski, Staff Writer May 4, 2012

When I started looking for colleges in high school, I knew I had worked hard enough in the classroom to go to almost anywhere I wanted. Despite this, my focus lingered on those few schools whose softball...

Yeo-Racqueteers End Season on High

Kate Hanick, Staff Writer May 4, 2012

Following a tough 1–5 loss to Allegheny College, the men’s tennis team pulled off an impressive 5–4 win against Ohio Wesleyan University on Sunday, April 29, at the North Coast Athletic Conference...

In the Locker Room with Katie Baldonieri, Kristine Kuchta, and Kristen Dix

James Kriz, Staff Writer May 4, 2012

What was the best moment during your senior seasons? Kristen Dix: Beating Wittenberg [University]. We knocked them out of contention for the [NCAC] tourney on their Senior Day. Kristine Kuchta: Yeah,...

Softball Gets Its Swag Back Against Wittenberg

Quinn Hull, Sports Editor April 27, 2012

The women’s softball team has made history — again. On Wednesday evening in Springfield, Ohio, the Yeowomen notched two stunning victories against the Wittenberg University Tigers with scores of...

Baseball Ends Season with a Split

Phoebe Hammer, Staff Writer April 27, 2012

After 40 games in just over two months, the baseball team finished their season this Wednesday against Wilmington College of Ohio in a split. The Yeomen lost their first game in a close, 8–7 match,...

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