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Zuckerberg Must Accept Responsibility for Hoax Stories

Editorial Board
December 2, 2016
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Facebook’s responsibility to regulate fake news on its site, particularly the false stories that gained traction during the election cycle, has sparked national debate about what role the platform should play in politics. While the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has distanced himself from the popu...

Racial Identity Politics Favors White Candidates

Josh Ashkinaze, Contributing Writer
December 2, 2016
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Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election highlighted that when it comes to identity politics, the largest and most powerful identity group has a natural advantage. White identity politics help, at least in part, to explain Trump’s success. And insofar as racial identity plays a chief r...

Ohio Voting Has Built-In Safeguards

Linda Gates, Alison Ricker, Mary Kirtz Van Nortwick, League of Women Voters
September 23, 2016
Filed under OPINIONS

To the Editors: Ohio voters should not be concerned that their ballots will not be counted as the voter intended, because Ohio laws and procedures protect the integrity of the ballot. For the past 10 years, Ohio law has required that every ballot must have a paper record that can be hand-counted and au...

Only One Candidate Stands for Progress

Ziya Smallens, Contributing Writer
September 23, 2016
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It’s no secret that many Oberlin students voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary. Many remain skeptical of Hillary Clinton, citing an inability to trust her. I respect the instincts of my peers, but in today’s media climate, the facts struggle to break through the noise. In scrutinizi...

Established 1874.
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