The Oberlin Review

Baroque Meets Boost at the Kaleidosonic Music Festival

Connor Daley

November 15, 2019

For Conservatory students, College musicians, and community members interested in music, the Oberlin music scene can seem divided. College and community musicians may feel that their music is viewed as less important than the work done by Conservatory students. On the other hand, Conservatory students may feel that their dedication to either Jazz or Classical music shuts them away from other more contemporary genres.  To bridge this divide, Oberlin’s Kaleidosonic Music Festival, held this Saturday in Finney Chapel, showcases the variety and capability of every student and community member’s musical talents.  The idea of having a Kaleidosonic musical experience was first imagined by Tom Lopez, OC ’89, w...

Maxwell Addae and Barnaby Woods, Obertones

Maxwell Addae and Barnaby Woods, Obertones

September 13, 2019

Double-degree fourth-year Maxwell Addae and College third-year Barnaby Woods are the respective music director and president of the Obertones, Oberlin’s premier a cappella group for people who identify with the experience of manhood. This summer, the group released their first single, “Dream On,” which Addae arranged during his first year at Oberlin. They discussed the single, last year’s iteration of their annual spring tour, their legacy as a group on campus, and their goals within the Ob...

Acapelicans to Cast More Inclusive Net

Victoria Garber, Arts Editor

September 2, 2016

Amidst the flurry of the first week of school, the Acapelicans, formerly an all-female a capella group, are changing their designation to “non-dude.” The decision follows a group conversation over the summer about how new members might feel more welcome in a group with a more inclusive title. “Saying we’re an all-female group means that there are lots of non-dudes, lots of trans people, non-binary people and female-identifying people who aren’t feeling comfortable joining this group, possibly, and we don’t want that to be a problem,” said Emma Blackman, College senior. “It’s a supportive, really good environment and we want to make that as inclusive as possible, but also not having men,” she said. While...

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