The Oberlin Review

Lever Press Represents Lever for Change

Editorial Board

October 4, 2019

 The current generation of college students faces many existential challenges. For good reason, the fight against climate change has recently received significant attention in the national media and in this publication, but it is not the sole crisis that we must contend with. Another fight that has intensified in recent years is the one over access to information, particularly as threats to net neutrality and sources of publicly available information have mounted. For many colleges and universities around the country, October is Open Access Month. In recognition of this occasion, the Review chose to spotlight Lever Press, an important digital scholarship initiative led by a consortium of liberal arts colleges, inc...

Can You Teach an Old Essay New Tricks?

Adam Gittin, News Editor

May 6, 2016

When I was walking through Tappan Square the other morning, not at all minding the puddles, I stumbled over a disembodied marble hand. All around in the grass there were broken pieces of statuary. Half a torso, a hunk of thigh and the noseless face of a bearded man joined me in the shadow of an elm. No plaques were needed to identify whose knee or elbow joint lay there, for I recognized these relics as the fragments of our predecessors — the cracked faces from history books, the arms that swaddled us in layers of insulating education. I wanted to shatter the disunited body parts on the ground and pave new paths for us to walk with their gravel remains. Unfortunately, I hadn’t the heart to do so. Besides, I w...

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