The Oberlin Review

OSCA Lacks Awareness of Oppressive Systems

Cara Welch-Rubin, Contributing Writer

December 12, 2014

The following critique of the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association is not the first time anyone has raised these issues. Many people have experienced or continue to experience various forms of classism, white supremacy, ableism and other manifestations of oppression within OSCA. My critique only serves to join these discourses and bring them to the attention of other white, able-bodied OSCAns. In a recent co-op discussion, one co-oper said, “OSCA is not some shady government.” While I can’t claim to acknowledge all forms of oppression within OSCA, I hope to undermine this misconception by shedding light on some of the forms of oppression that I have seen and experienced firsthand. I stayed behind from...

Chris Crass, an author, activist and organizer, who will give a talk on Sunday entitled “Anti-Racist Organizing in White Communities”

Off the Cuff: Chris Crass, author, activist and anti-racist organizer

March 14, 2014

Author, educator and organizer Chris Crass is often at the forefront of multiracial and feminist movements. Crass sat down with the Review this week to talk about his experience as an activist and his thoughts on antiracist organizing.  The topic of your talk, “Anti-Racist Organizing in White Communities,” is something that our college has been struggling with, both as an institution and as a student body. Could you begin by talking about the difference between racist and anti-racist organiz...

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