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Can You Teach an Old Essay New Tricks?

Adam Gittin, News Editor

May 6, 2016

When I was walking through Tappan Square the other morning, not at all minding the puddles, I stumbled over a disembodied marble hand. All around in the grass there were broken pieces of statuary. Half a torso, a hunk of thigh and the noseless face of a bearded man joined me in the shadow of an elm. No plaques were needed to identify whose knee or elbow joint lay there, for I recognized these relics as the fragments of our predecessors — the cracked faces from history books, the arms that swaddled us in layers of insulating education. I wanted to shatter the disunited body parts on the ground and pave new paths for us to walk with their gravel remains. Unfortunately, I hadn’t the heart to do so. Besides, I w...

Off the Cuff: Miriam Zoila Pérez, Radical Doula, Activist, Blogger

April 29, 2016

Miriam Zoila Pérez is a queer Cuban-American doula, reproductive rights activist and blogger. In 2007, she founded the Radical Doula blog, which unites doula work with birth activism and social justice. Pérez wrote and self-published Radical Doula Guide: A Political Primer for Full-Spectrum Pregnancy and Childbirth Support, which has sold more than 2,000 copies. She came to campus to host the “Radical Doulas + Reproductive Justice” talk and workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Wha...

Jeffrey Wasserstrom is Chancellor’s Professor of History at UC Irvine who specializes in modern Chinese history. He visited Oberlin to give a talk on the Boxer Crisis of 1900.

Off the Cuff: Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Professor, Author, Historian

April 24, 2016

Jeffrey Wasserstrom is Chancellor’s Professor of History at UC Irvine. He has authored four books, including China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know, and frequently contributes to newspapers and magazines. He is currently finishing a book on the Boxer Uprising of 1900. This week, Wasserstrom came to campus to research Oberlin’s Memorial Arch on Tappan Square, and yesterday gave the lecture “China and the Ghosts of 1900 — The Brutal Boxer Rising and the Civilized World’s Sa...

Steve Silberman gives a speech on his book NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity as part of the Office of Disability Services’ Autism Week events. This year’s themes were neurodiversity and self-

Student Panelists Celebrate Neurodiversity

April 22, 2016

A student-led panel, a book presentation and a guest lecture about poet and author Tito Mukhopadhyay, as well as several inter-department gatherings, comprised the events of Oberlin’s Autism Week. The week’s events will conclude with today’s talk by Ralph Savarese, “Reading Moby Dick with Tito Mukhopadhyay: Perception, Sensory Processing and Unrecognized Competence in Autism.” Savarese, an English professor at Grinnell College who authored Reasonable People: A Memoir of Autism an...

Jim Collins, professor of film, television and theatre and concurrent professor of English at the University of Notre Dame, spoke Thursday at Oberlin.

Off the Cuff: Jim Collins, Professor of English, Film, TV, Theatre

March 4, 2016

Jim Collins is acting dean for the arts, a professor of film, television and theatre and concurrent professor of English at the University of Notre Dame, where he teaches courses on postmodernism, media theory and digital culture. He is the author of Uncommon Cultures: Popular Culture and Postmodernism, Architecture of Excess: Cultural Life in the Information Age and most recently Bring on the Books for Everybody: How Literary Culture Became Popular Culture. His next book in progress is called Pl...

Oberlin Youth Council Tackles Accessibility, Transportation

Adam Gittin, News Editor

March 4, 2016

After 15 years of inactivity, the Oberlin Youth Council, a group working to bring civic-minded students of diverse backgrounds together to consider issues faced by the community, has reformed. These middle school, high school and college students take time out of the school week to meet at the public library and discuss what they can do to make Oberlin a better place to live. Accessibility was a recurring topic at this Wednesday’s meeting. The council’s first two goals are to make Philips gym more open to non-College students and to increase Oberlin’s public transportation resources. “I grew up here, and also my parents work at the College, so I got to see what it was like when somebody didn’t know that...

A representation of the stretching and squeezing of spacetime caused by the orbiting of two black holes rotating counterclockwise around each other is shown. Scientists from LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration recently proved the existence of gravitational waves.

Black Hole Collision Confirms Last Piece of Einstein’s Puzzle

February 26, 2016

A team of scientists announced earlier this month that they had detected gravitational waves, tiny ripples in spacetime, caused by the collision of two black holes more than a billion lightyears away from Earth. The discovery, which many researchers hailed as one of the most significant in a century, is the physical representation of the last of the predictions that would confirm Einstein’s theory of general relativity. “Not only is it the culmination of a theoretical and experimental effort...

Routine Board Retreat Ends in Employee Strike

Adam Gittin, News editor

February 19, 2016

The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association’s four non-student employees are striking after a heated discussion with students about structural change. Members of Third World Co-op used the OSCA Board Retreat last Sunday at the Oberlin Public Library as an opportunity to voice their frustrations with OSCA and its employees (the non-students who work for OSCA are employees, while the students who work for OSCA are staff). Two employees were singled out by name. The students from TWC then presented a list of demands and staged a walkout back to their co-op. “A summary of the demands is as follows: that OSCA’s employees leave more decision-making room for student staff; that [student name omitted for privacy], a former TWC member, be compensated for ...

Jason Sokol, Associate Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire

Off the Cuff: Jason Sokol, History Professor and Author

February 12, 2016

 Jason Sokol, OC ’99, is an Associate Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire. He earned a Ph.D. in history at the University of California, Berkeley. Sokol has written two books, There Goes My Everything: White Southerners in the Age of Civil Rights and All Eyes Are Upon Us: Race and Politics from Boston to Brooklyn, and is working on a third. On Tuesday, Sokol gave a talk at Afrikan Heritage House titled “America’s Long History of Racial Hypocrisy,” which addre...

Lori Young, Career Center Director

Off the Cuff: Lori Young, Director of Oberlin College Career Center

February 5, 2016

Lori Young is the new director of the Oberlin College Career Center. She comes to Oberlin from ReadyNow!, a leadership training and consulting business that she founded in 2014. Young holds a BA in communications from Ashland University and a master’s in college student personnel from Bowling Green State University. She has worked in career services at Case Western University, Baldwin-Wallace University and the University of Georgia, and in leadership development departments at the Cleveland Cli...

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