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Off the Cuff: Marta Tienda, sociologist and professor, and Richard Kahlenberg, senior fellow at the Century Foundation

William Passannante, Staff Writer

March 1, 2013

A very important Supreme Court ruling is coming up in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. How do you think the Supreme Court will rule in this case, how do you hope it rules and why? Tienda: I am not optimistic about the decision upholding the Grutter decision [in which the Court upheld the affirmative action policy of University of Michigan Law School]. Justice Kagan has to recuse herself, so that means 4–4, [giving] Kennedy the swing.  If he does swing in the direction of keeping the Grutter intact, then it’ll remain because it would be 4–4. There’s nobody to break the deadlock in that case. … If they keep it all, they could either overturn it, which is probably the greater likely outcome, but one nev...

Constitutionality, Necessity of Affirmative Action Resurfaces

Alex Howard, News Editor

March 9, 2012

With the recent Supreme Court decision to hear the case of Fisher v. University of Texas, the debate about the constitutionality of affirmative action programs and the necessity of ensuring a diverse student body in educational communities has resurfaced. A white student, Abigail Fisher, is suing the University of Texas for purportedly denying her admission on the grounds that she is Caucasian. The University of Texas denies these claims and, furthermore, argues that affirmative did not preclude her from receiving an undergraduate education since Fisher will graduate from Louisiana State University this spring. Fisher’s lawyers have been joined by affirmative action critics and conservative advocacy groups, argu...

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