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Non-Black Allies Must Engage With Protest Critics

Jasper Clarkberg, Contributing Writer
December 4, 2015
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On Nov. 6, Aaron Pressman wrote a column accusing “students who make up the majority opinion” of stifling dissent on campus (“Discouraging Dissent Stifles Intellectual Growth,” The Oberlin Review). I have heard this “millennial college students don’t want to debate” criticism from many places recen...

Allyship Training Overdue

Tyler Sloan, Sports Editor
September 12, 2014
Filed under SPORTS, Sports Editorials & Features

In what has been an important step in the right direction for Oberlin College Athletics this fall, the department required all fall varsity athletes to attend a two-hour trans allyship workshop for the first time during preseason in late August. Student facilitators from the Multicultural Resource Cent...

Established 1874.