The Oberlin Review

Oberlin Will Survive Financial Challenges

Donn Ginoza, Alumni Membership Council Member

November 30, 2018

The recent protest in response to Tom Reid’s termination from his former position of associate director of the Student Union seems to be only the beginning of more conflicts as the administration addresses what it sees as difficult financial decisions ahead. What made Oberlin special for me as a student was the courage students showed in speaking up on issues of importance. This tradition continues. When Oberlin describes itself as a place where students who want to change the world go, it speaks to a culture that is unafraid to identify problems but also committed to solving them. As the Review article describing the protest pointed out, Oberlin’s challenges exist at a high level. Oberlin has an existential problem,...

Oberlin Prepares Students for Real World

Donn Ginoza, OC ’74; At-Large Member, Alumni Leadership Council

December 1, 2017

To the Editors: Are you a newly arrived freshman or a senior about to graduate without a clear plan for Year One after college? If you are, or you are simply wondering if Oberlin was the best school for you, take it from someone who is nearing the end of his working career that nothing is more valuable for an engaged and satisfying life than an Oberlin education. When I graduated from high school, I chose Oberlin over two large public universities. I was a strong student in all subjects, but I did not have a “passion.” Luckily, it wasn’t really important to have one back then. It was a few years after Woodstock and the Vietnam War protests, and I remember a lot of students were critical of higher education not...

ALC Reconnects with Campus

Bálint Gergely, Secretary, Oberlin Alumni Association

March 31, 2017

To the Editors: You guessed it right, all those eerily Obie-like older people walking around campus the weekend of March 3–5 were in fact Obies. The ALC — Alumni Leadership Council of the Oberlin Alumni Association — was here for its spring meetings. Reconnecting with life on campus to try to see what it's really like beyond social media and news articles was one of our top goals. Dining with students at Pyle co-op, hearing the Obertones, chatting with students who helped cater our meetings and listening to professors was a great way to get a little taste of all that. But it's never enough. We can't help it — we love Oberlin! Some key ALC discussion topics were how to build a relationship of trust and good c...

Alumni Association Values Inclusivity

Wendell P. Russell, Jr., Alumni Leadership Council member

October 28, 2016

To the Editors: During the weekend of October 7–9, members of the leadership body of the Oberlin Alumni Association — the Alumni Leadership Council — were in Oberlin for meetings, to participate in the dedication of the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center and to attend the celebration of the conclusion of the Oberlin Illuminate campaign. As a current member of the ALC, who is serving as the representative of the chartered group the Oberlin Alumni Association of African Ancestry, and who had the privilege of serving as president of the [Alumni] Association during 2005–2007, I thought it might be helpful for the current student body to be provided a brief overview of the Association and the ALC. This overview is importan...

Campus Should Cooperate During Polarizing Time

The Alumni Leadership Council, Oberlin Alumni Association

March 11, 2016

To the Editors: We, the members of the Alumni Leadership Council of the Oberlin Alumni Association, are pained that a number of events have polarized our beloved Oberlin community along racial, religious and cultural lines. These events compel us to confront issues of bias, discrimination and harassment. First Lady Michelle Obama implored us during her 2015 Commencement address: “Run [to, and not away from,] the noise.” Now is the time for the Oberlin community to do just that and unite around this place we all love. Our academic training and commitment to respectful dialogue place the Oberlin community in an ideal position to grapple with these sensitive issues. Let it be our shared resolve to be engaged members...

Alumni Leaders Support Students’ Call for Diversity, Sensitivity

Lorri Olan, Chuck Spitulnik, and Andy Rowan

November 20, 2015

To our friends in the Oberlin community: We are the three officers of the Oberlin Alumni Association and are proud to be part of Oberlin’s long and proud tradition of standing upright and facing issues and challenges related to social justice, racial equality and inclusiveness, broadly defined. We are proud of the role Oberlin has played in defining the country’s consciousness about these issues, from the early days of admitting African-American students and women on a fully equal basis to more recent struggles over wars, civil rights, gender recognition and a variety of important social questions. Oberlinians have always, as First Lady Michelle Obama admonished the Class of 2015 to do, run to the conflict, not away f...

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