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Spring Back Reimagines Choreography

Kate Fishman, Staff Writer

April 6, 2018

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Every year, Oberlin’s Dance department hosts two faculty-directed shows: Fall Forward and Spring Back, which usually play out in a more-or-less traditional program in Warner Main Space. This year’s Spring Back breaks from this mold, as it will have no set stage. Instead, guides will lead audience members all through Warner Gymnasium. Beginning in Warner Main Space, where three of the concert’s pieces will be performed, the show will bring audiences to three pieces on the first floor, two more in the basement, and back again. There are only 50 tickets sold per night due to these restricted and innovative spaces, and upon arrival, viewers will be split into three groups, each of which will have a different experience of...

Feature Photo: Terra Incognita

Feature Photo: Terra Incognita

May 6, 2016

College senior Benjamin Miyamoto dances in Oberlin Dance Company’s Terra Incognita in Hall Auditorium Saturday. Choreographed by Assistant Professor of Dance Alysia Ramos, the multimedia show illustrates how it feels to delve into the unknown and find the unexpected. Conservatory musicians accompanied the dancers, improvising to coordinate their sound with onstage movement. Inspired by Miles Davis, Omar Sosa, Joni Mitchell and Christian Scott, the spontaneity in the music fit with the show’s...

Transnational Classes Unify Dance Department

Transnational Classes Unify Dance Department

September 25, 2015

The creaky floorboards of Warner Center’s first-floor hallway rarely respond to the fresh footsteps of a new Dance professor on their way to inhabit a vacated desk. But this year, Dance Department Chair Ann Cooper Albright welcomed Associate Dance Professor Alysia Ramos as a new addition to the department. “[Ramos’s arrival marks] the beginning of a new generation of dance faculty in the tenure track line,” Albright said. Ramos was hired for the first tenure track position availab...

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