The Oberlin Review

Departmental Consolidation Offers Opportunities for Increased Efficiency

Editorial Board

March 15, 2019

In a series of campus-wide presentations earlier this week, the Academic and Administrative Program Review steering committee unveiled numerous areas of recommendation for program and financial changes that might secure Oberlin’s long-term financial sustainability. For the last year, senior administrators have made clear that Oberlin is facing a financial reality that simply does not permit stagnation. However, this week’s presentation put that urgency in starker terms than ever before for the larger Oberlin community. According to the AAPR data released this week, if no changes are made to Oberlin’s budget, over the next five years Oberlin would see our deficit balloon to an unprecedented $52 million — a...

Contrast Between Beethoven, Brahms Highlighted in Orchestra, Choir Concert

Andrea Goltz

May 9, 2014

Brahms and Beethoven are not a natural duo on an orchestra program — Brahms accentuates quirkier chords than Beethoven does and is free with musical form and rhythm. Nonetheless, the concert presented by the Arts and Sciences Orchestra, the Oberlin College Choir and the Musical Union in Finney Chapel on May 4 united the two. The program took the audience on a trip through time, making stops in the Romantic era with Johannes Brahms’s Shicksalied (his “Song of Fate,” completed in 1871) and the late Classical period with Beethoven’s 1807 Mass in C Major. However, the combination was not totally disjointed: The pieces are tied together by their use of internal contrast. Sunday’s concert occasionally tripped ...

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