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Claims About Athletics Perpetuate Community Divisions

Gwennie Gardiner, Production Editor

November 3, 2017

In order to produce tangible resolutions to discourse surrounding the athlete/non-athlete divide on campus arising from the “Athletics 101/Hate Sports?” panels, it is important that multiple perspectives are represented and that people on all sides of the issue are willing to really listen and hear one another. Though College fifth-year Marissa Maxfield made some valid points in her article, “Athletics Encourage Toxic Belief Systems,” the thinking behind some of her ideas contributes strongly to misconceptions about athletes (Oct. 27, 2017, The Oberlin Review.) One of the key points Maxfield makes at the end of her article is that she wants to believe in the “Athletics 101/Hate Sports?” conversations aime...

Forum Mediates Sports Dialogue

Julie Schreiber, Sports Editor

October 27, 2017

Oberlin’s second installment of a workshop series sponsored by the StudiOC Sports, Culture, and Society course cluster took place Monday, in an attempt to advance the ongoing conversation about the social gap between athletes and non-athletes that divides the campus. Monday’s workshop, entitled “Hate Sports? We Want to Hear About It” and organized by English Professor Yago Colás, aimed to build off the foundation laid by the first workshop, which took place Sept. 25. Between this week’s and September’s workshops, the panel format changed. While last month’s workshop featured a panel discussion of four Oberlin varsity coaches — facilitated by Colás himself — Monday’s workshop was instead designed t...

Athletics Encourages Toxic Belief Systems

Marissa Maxfield, Contributing Writer

October 27, 2017

Editors’ Note: This article contains mention of unwilling ingestion of consciousness-altering drugs. I am a former athlete who played lacrosse at Oberlin for three years. From my first to fifth years here, my identity, perspective, and culture — specifically in relation to my sport — have significantly shifted. I have seen the best and worst of what athletics can encompass and witnessed its polarizing effects. Like many former student-athletes, I have undergone a sharp transition away from sports-centric culture, rejecting the structures — like aggression is ability and pack mentality is power — that once governed my belief system. As a result of this awareness, I am a traitor to teams but an outsider to ...

Athletics 101 Opens Athlete Divide Conversation

Julie Schreiber, Sports Editor

September 29, 2017

English Professor Yago Colás led the first installment of a three-part workshop called “Athletics 101” in Wilder Hall Monday, Sept. 25. The workshop was designed to encourage an open conversation about the role of athletics and presence of the athletic community at the College. Colás has spent much of his first month at Oberlin concentrating on the integration of athletics and academics on campus. A former professor of Comparative Literature within multiple disciplines at University of Michigan, Colás teaches a course on sports culture and philosophy. He will also serve as an assistant to the Yeomen basketball team for the upcoming 2017–2018 season. The dialogue that “Athletics 101” attempted to foster is n...

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