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New Ordinance Permits Bicycle Confiscation

New Ordinance Permits Bicycle Confiscation

September 9, 2016

Chaining a bicycle to a signpost or a fence is about to become a lot more costly in Oberlin. At a meeting on Tuesday, City Council passed an ordinance allowing the Oberlin Police Department to confiscate bikes that are not parked in bike racks or attached to hitching posts. The ordinance also increases the fine for leaving a bike in an unauthorized location from $10 to $20. Bikers will have 90 days to pay the fine and pick up their bike before it is disposed of. “The purpose of the law is ...

Police Drive Home Safety Issues

Eliza Guinn

February 12, 2016

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To curb traffic violations, the Oberlin Police Department started their Bike, Pedestrian and Drivers Safety Education and Enforcement Campaign Feb. 4 in response to numerous complaints. The campaign has included the distribution of educational materials and an increased police presence, especially in Oberlin’s central business district. Chief of Police Juan Torres said that the initiative’s top priorities are education, information distribution and enforcement of the rights and duties of citizens. The additional officers downtown will log the warnings and tickets they issue so that the OPD can do a statistical review at the end of the month. “The campaign is based on the recognition that bicyclists, pedes...

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