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Fashion Show “Look Black At It” Celebrates 50 Years of Africana Studies

Nathan Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief

February 28, 2020

The 50-year anniversary of Oberlin’s Africana Studies department was celebrated in style at the Black History Month Fashion Show last Saturday. This year’s event was themed “Look Black At It: 50 Years of Fashion.” College third-year Jasmine Mitchell was one of the event’s key organizers. She said that the planning committee started putting the show together about six months ago. “[We began] with ideas for the theme, creating a budget to support the ideas we had, then reaching out to models and makeup artists, contacting photographers, getting a DJ, and, finally, numerous rehearsals,” Mitchell wrote in an email to the Review. “This year … really focused on the importance of knowing Black histo...

Sing-Along Honors Composer Moses Hogan’s Legacy

Sing-Along Honors Composer Moses Hogan’s Legacy

February 14, 2020

The fourth annual Moses Hogan Sing-Along was an evening of beautiful music that brought the College and Conservatory as well as Oberlin community members together. This event — which honors Hogan’s legacy as a composer, pianist, arranger of choral music, and conductor — is one of the College’s many celebrations during Black History Month. Hogan graduated from the Conservatory in 1979 and later founded and conducted the Moses Hogan Chorale in 1993. The Chorale performed Hogan...

Gabriela Linares and Seyquan Mack.

Seyquan Mack and Gabriela Linares on Bomba and Plena

February 7, 2020

Double-degree fourth-year Seyquan Mack is the Chair of the Oberlin College Black Musicians Guild, and Conservatory fourth-year Gabriela Linares is the founder and president of the Oberlin College Latinx Music Union. In honor of Black History Month the Latinx Music Union, the Black Musicians Guild, and the Oberlin Jazz Society are bringing the world-renowned Afro-Puerto Rican dance group Instituto Folclórico Puertorriqueño Rafael Cepeda Atiles to Oberlin for a performance in Bomba and Plena tomorr...

Students from Brotherhood Hall in the Afrikan Heritage House, the Black History Month Committee, and Professor of English Yago Colás hosted a 3-on-3 basketball tournament this past Sunday. Over 30 students and community members got together to celebrate Black History Month and enjoy an afternoon of pickup.

Breaking Down Barriers Through Basketball

February 22, 2019

The son of a Presbyterian minister, Randy Miller arrived at Oberlin College in 1966 as a broad-shouldered, long-limbed first-year with a gentle demeanor and keen interest in music and art — as well as a knack for shooting baskets. His roommate and teammate, Al Wellington, was a hard-nosed kid with tremendous athletic ability who grew up in a low-income family of eight from a racially segregated community. According to the book they co-wrote, Oberlin Fever, A Championship Spirit in Black and...

College junior, football player, and sportswriter Jason Hewitt believes he can offer a unique perspective as a journalist of color. Last spring he had the opportunity to interview Jimmy King, a member of the University of Michigan’s Fab Five.

From the Perspective of a Black Journalist

February 15, 2019

Perspective is one of the most important aspects of journalism. I believe that every single voice matters, because every voice has a story behind it. I want to take this time to thank every single black journalist who has paved the way for me to be in the position I am in today. Without trailblazers in journalism such as Ida B. Wells and Frederick Douglass, who used their perspectives to tell their stories despite the oppression they faced, my voice would be diminished. With that being ...

Kaitlyn Rivers

Kaitlyn Rivers, Chair of Black Scientists Guild

February 8, 2019

College junior Kaitlyn Rivers is Biology major interested in marine science and conservation. Originally from Florida, Rivers is also the chair of Oberlin’s Black Scientists Guild, a campus organization dedicated to supporting Black students in STEM fields that have historically been dominated by white scientists. As chair, Rivers hopes to build community between Black science students at Oberlin, help them connect with alumni, and help them explore career possibilities. In honor of Black History...

Visiting Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology Fredara Hadley

Fredara Hadley, Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology

February 23, 2018

Fredara Hadley is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology at Oberlin. She received her Masters degree in Arts from Clark Atlanta University and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at Indiana University. Professor Hadley is involved with the Society of Ethnomusicology, the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, and Experience Music Project’s Popular Music Conference. She is also the founder of Jooksi, a company that provides music education and music-based walking tours of...

Oberlin Heritage Center, which is currently preparing a program to celebrate Black History Month by featuring a history of Black business owners in Oberlin.

OHC Celebrates Black History Month

February 9, 2018

In recognition of Black History Month, the Oberlin Heritage Center’s Museum Education and Tour Coordinator, Amanda Manahan, will present an illustrated program about the history of Oberlin’s Black business owners this weekend. According to Manahan, the program will highlight between 16 and 20 people, their accomplishments and struggles, and their continuing legacies in town. Black entrepreneurs have had a presence in Oberlin since the mid-19th century. John Watson, for example, was a former...

Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are

Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are

February 10, 2017

The Oberlin Heritage Center’s Freedom’s Friends: Underground Railroad and Abolition History Walk, an interactive tour of Oberlin’s
Black history, is free through February in celebration of Black History Month.

Oberlin Heritage Center Unveils Self-Led Tablet Tours

February 10, 2017

Students and community members looking to celebrate Black History Month should consider the Oberlin Heritage Center, which is offering a free, digitized version of its walking tour, Freedom’s Friends: Underground Railroad and Abolitionist History Walk, throughout the month of February. Visitors to the Monroe House, located on West Vine Street, can borrow tablets preloaded with the tour for the day. These tablets allow users to explore Oberlin’s ties to the Underground Railroad and slaves’ journeys...

Black History Month Celebrates Achievements, Past and Present

Alex Howard, News Editor

February 17, 2012

Founded by abolitionists, a stop on the Underground Railroad and the first institution to award college degrees to African Americans, Oberlin College is firmly rooted in Black History and has been celebrating February as Black History Month since before its formal national recognition by President Gerald Ford in 1976. Dianne McIntyre, choreographer, and Ntozake Shange, writer, demonstrate this year's Black History Month theme of how Black women have shaped the United States in their discussion of McIntyre's choreographing Shange's choreopoem "Why I Had to Dance." Black History Month first started as “Negro History Week” in 1926 by the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. Founders Jesse Moor...

Established 1874.