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Steve Silberman gives a speech on his book NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity as part of the Office of Disability Services’ Autism Week events. This year’s themes were neurodiversity and self-

Student Panelists Celebrate Neurodiversity

April 22, 2016

A student-led panel, a book presentation and a guest lecture about poet and author Tito Mukhopadhyay, as well as several inter-department gatherings, comprised the events of Oberlin’s Autism Week. The week’s events will conclude with today’s talk by Ralph Savarese, “Reading Moby Dick with Tito Mukhopadhyay: Perception, Sensory Processing and Unrecognized Competence in Autism.” Savarese, an English professor at Grinnell College who authored Reasonable People: A Memoir of Autism an...

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